BCAM On Sale Now

[ (http://www.professionalequipment.com/flir-thermacam-bcam-sd-infrared-thermal-imaging-camera-bcam-sd/thermal-infrared-camera/)](“http://www.professionalequipment.com/thermal-infrared-camera/”)

Just in time for Christmas!!

Go for it…:mrgreen: Santa said “you have been a good boy this year”.

Wouldn’t you know it! Just after I paid full price!

Where is the justice??? :frowning:

The prices are down approx. $1000 from full price. Good time to buy.

Sorry Will. :frowning:

I also paid full price, Thanks for rubbing it in John:p </IMG>

Justice is we have had the fun of using it and having met some great people at the School and they will likely be less next year .
If a person waits for the best price they never get one .
Like a computer it is old style as soon as we turn it on.


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Which is the smiley face that can stick out his tongue:twisted:


Son of *%&$$ . I just got mine two weeks and the ink isn’t even dry on the cheque.

Like Roy, I don’t really mind when the prices drop, except that it likely means there’s a better model coming out soon and my spanking new one will not be quite as good.

Oh well, it’s the best Christmas present I’ve received in years.

Bill Mullen


Where did you buy and what type of camera did you buy? and how much?

I purchased my camera from Safety Express, they wanted $7750 I paid $6750 with a free nano Ipod and $500 off toward training.

BTW that was for the B-CAM SD

That’s funny Bill…:lol:

I’m getting one after the first of the year…maybe they will have an after Chrismas sale $3,795…?..:lol:

Ahh…you guys complaining probably already made in profit the difference in price------:lol:

Merry Christmas…!!!

Congratulations Dale!!

And Merry Christmas!

You too Mario…!!!

Are you going to Vegas on the first of Feb…???..:ack!:(8\):-;;


I’m leaving for Mexico on Jan 6th for two weeks and unfortunately when I get back I’m starting a small job that will probably take three weeks. Now if I can swing a few days off I will call you!!

I got the B-CAM SD as well for 6750 and I got the I-pod but only 250 toward training.

I figure I’ll have it paid for in half a year easily based on the feedback I’m getting.

Merry Christmas and thanks, Mario for all of your advice and help.

Bill Mullen

I hope the price keeps going down because that will signal more acceptance and a greater demand for these cameras and greater demand means more work and more dollars in our pockets.

Bill Mullen

How good is the free online training that comes with the camera through Prof Equip? Do we really need to buy the $1,700 BS course at FLIR? Is the 120x120 resolution that much worse than 320x240?

The free courses should not replace the proper training. The free courses are meant to get you familiar with the camera.

The resolution of the BCAM is 120 x 120 and will work OK for a home inspection. If you go to a Building Science course you can see various cameras in use before you buy.

The free online course is not training, but it is much better than nothing. 120 res is great for homes and very small buildings. The higher res is much better of course, but that will have home inspectors believing they scan high rise roofs just because they have the tool. That’s a whole new market where specific commercial training is practically a requirement. :smiley:

Professional Equipment posted the $5750 price for the B-CamSD in error. The sale price is $6250, ending today. Do you think they will offer the additional 500 discount to NACHI members?

John Evans