BCIPI/CAHPI member/inspector takes a beatin' on TV.

Good points Jason Home inspections should or is it shold be $700.00 plus.
The only reason I charge less is because of the overnight whiz kids.
The real crook here is the realtor who recommended his kick back buddy.
If CAPHI is serious about protecting the public interest, they would ban inspectors from taking realtor referrals. Nick So should NACHI.

NACHI already does prohibit it. See: http://www.nachi.org/code_of_ethics.htm

Are you accussing CAPHI of permitting it?

Nick kick backs are and will continue to happen there are several inspectors in my area I hear give kick backs and nothing is done. The agents love them.

Here, here!

OAHI and CAHPI actively cultivate the Realtors as does Nachi. Seems you can’t have one without the other.

Don’t get me wrong I like realtors, but like home inspectors they have their share of bad apples.

Don’t blame the realtors blame your associations for taking the path of least resistance.

See Part Three

Part Three is now showing they have removed part one and two ,
click on part two and you get to see part three.
Roy Cooke

Bothe ar estill ther.

Part 1 and 2 is combined at:

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A couple of business names noted on the inspection report in the report piece seems to add some other implications of association. So does a little more digging into the topic. Perhaps all is not what some claim it to be.

Go here I have not the time now looks like 100 court cases … Roy Cooke



I think it would behoove Mr. Buck (defendant in above case) to relocate his liability clause on the second page to page one of his contract, and that limit of liability clause should be in the first paragraph or first sentence on page one of his contract.

My learned opinion.

Well. well. It appears that the our Wisconsin resident NACHI hater (and WAHI board member) who recently cited BCIPI as an organization with an excellent peer review program, (and distributed the link to that smear piece on NACHI to make his point) will have to eat crow.

The rubbing it in has already begun.