Cracks in home inspection system

A report for the B.C. government’s Homeowner Protection Office says consumers are being left unprotected when they hire a home inspector.

The report, obtained by CBC News, says three-quarters of people involved with the industry believe home buyers are at risk because there are no government regulations.

This is not only a BC concern it is this way also in Toronto .
It is so unfortunate that these things continue .
Having been on the OAHI DPPC and seeing how things are now not enforced.
I have to say in my openion the sooner we have Government control of the Canadian Inspection industry the better.
I thing the following programs could be available on the net ( CBC radio) and if any one can tells us how to get them please post it for all interested parties to listen .
The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day! Here is the place to get the radio Enjoy Roy C sr

Programming Schedule
MON, Mar. 27

We begin the series with an in-depth look at home inspectors and what you need to know to protect yourself and your biggest investment in an industry that lacks government regulated standards. TUE, Mar. 28

We explore whether Vancouver’s in a housing bubble and, if so, whether it’s just a bounce away from bursting.WED, Mar. 29

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We end the series with an investigation into accusations that some realtors are deliberately keeping commissions high and “freezing out” the properties of those who agree to take a lower percentage.Throughout the week

Host Rick Cluff picks up his microphone and travels throughout Greater Vancouver to investigate what you can buy for half a million dollars

This site has a politian promicing legestation within a year! :eek:

Tighter regulation of home inspectors promised Last updated Mar 28 2006 02:16 PM PST
CBC NewsThe B.C. minister responsible for housing says the provincial government will take action by the end of the year to protect home buyers who rely on inspectors. :-;;
Home inspection industry in Canada ](*,)

Not much different from the states, at least some states.

People experience problems after not doing due diligence in choosing an inspectors (or contractor or Realtor or RE solicitor).

The do not want to admit their mistake.

Therefore, the HI (or the others) must be at fault.

The look to ‘government’ to solve the problem (like a spoiled child denying all responsibility for their self created problems).

In comes ‘the government’, which is really a bunch of lawyers and government workers who really know nothing about the subject, and passes a law.

The problem is, laws never prevent problems, they only allow the arrest of suit against someone after the law has been violated.

If a house is inspected by a code inspector, an employee of the ‘government’, and he/she says it is all ‘code’, but the next day the place burns down because of a latent electrical problem, guess what.

There is no way to sue the ‘government’ for negligence.

But the HI can be sued.

Also, remember. In Canada, the CBC is the government.

Whey would the ever want to blame themselves of their group for their own failings.

Best to blame the dang home inspectors. :mrgreen:


There have been documented cases in Canada where municipalities have been found to be negligent in their duties to inspect/enforce the building code. They owe a duty to the public to ensure building are safe and habitabil.


Thanks Vern Good for BC glad to see some one is trying to take the lead.
The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Its very interesting how the B.C. minister for housing reconizies post secondary education but OAHI does not. Whats even funnier its from one of OAHI’s recommended colleges. If you have a certificate in “Home Inspection”
from a college should it not be reconized by OAHI or CAPHI as being an asset and of value?? Its not, until you take more courses and pay more fees, then maybe. You can pass all the exams take all the courses and complete hundreds/thousands of inspections only to be told "Oh there is still more courses and etc you have to do. “Jump a little higher now”

Any way we can get this minister to Ontario quickly!!!

If you go to you can view the project report document.

The second paragraph of the first page is very revealing…

“In 2002 the BC chapter of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors CAHPI, BC approached the minister responsible for housing with a proposal for “right to practice” legislation which would have made membership in CAHPI, BC mandatory for anyone engaged in home inspection in BC. Since then CAHPI, BC presented a revised proposal for the province to establish uniform standards and offered to work with other organizations to provide training and certification.”

The most commonly known associations in BC were listed as:


Isn’t it interesting that BC has decided to go on its own rather than subscribe to the National project. Complicates the situation considerably I’d say…

One thing for sure, all NACHI members in BC should start lobbying the minister to make sure we are a part of the planning process.


I have one of those “post secondary educations”, Architectural Engineering Technician Diploma from Sheridan College 1983, along with a General Carpenter Trade Certificate from The Ministry of Colleges and Universities 1988, a Firefighter Certificate from The Office of the Fire Marshal including Fire Prevention Theory and Inspections training certificates 2002 and much more. I have also been building and renovating homes for almost 20 years. I have been President of my own construction company since 1988.
I recently paid my $26.75 for a membership application from OAHI and guess
what? They want me to “jump a little higher”, and maybe after a couple hundred inspections they will consider giving me the RHI designation.

What ever happened to professional courtesy?

This close to what is happening here in Ontario with OAHI.
They too wish to go it alone their bylaws state
a By-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of
WHEREAS the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors was constituted a corporation without share capital by Bill
Pr 158, the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994, (the “Act”) for the following objects:
(a) to maintain high professional standards among the members of the Association through education and discipline;
(b) to provide formal training and educational facilities to the members of the Association;
© to hold conferences and meetings for the discussion of home inspection standards and practices and for the presentation of papers and lectures;
(d) to collect and disseminate papers, lectures and other information that is useful or interesting to the members of the Association;
(e) to publicize the role of home inspectors in Ontario, and, in particular, to publicize the full range of services offered to consumers in Ontario by home inspectors;
(f) to seek and maintain affiliations with, and to co-operate with, other organizations having objects, in whole or in part, the same as or similar to the objects of the Association.
I understand they not only do not comunicate with NACHI they even go so far as to tell the members of there BOD not to comunicate or give any information that could possibly get back to NACHI.
They are very upset when any public OAHI information is printed on the NACHI BB.
They are giving almost no information to the OAHI members.
Talk about the BOD ignoring their own [FONT=Helvetica]BY-LAW NO. 1 section (f) [/FONT]
…to seek and maintain affilitations with,and to co-operate with, other organizationshaving objects,in whole or part,the same as or simular to the objects of the Association…
[FONT=Verdana] The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day![/FONT]

Roy , Do you know OAHI has not increased it’s amount of RHIs very much in the last 4 years it stays very close to the 212 mark slightly up and slightly down through the year. At this time I think it is 233 RHIs.Hmmmmmm I wonder why they seem to have 300 to 400 students on their roster . I am led to believe they have about 30%± who give up every year. I wonder could be from the excessive amount it costs to take their courses. some have told me they have spent over $10,000:00 to take the courses.’
The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
[FONT=Verdana]A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day![/FONT]

I refuse to waste my time and money taking courses that I could probably teach myself.

Interesting but who has been doing all the lobbying?

Seems the N.I. has garnered the attention of the Province not just in B.C. but in many areas by the mere fact that is fair and reasonable standard.

Stay tuned there are more announcements to follow!

Than again - what the hell do I know?

Do you believe the government can to ignore an industry association like NACHI with hundreds of members in Ontario alone?

It is obvious that CAHPI lobbying the Government has worked as you have receive a lot of government money both for this and the PDI that was presented at Whistler. Canadian Funds that are being used mainly by one organasation for their members. How the figures are broken down is another secret not to be released to the Home inspectors .
Claude says Stay tuned for more anouncements the anouncements that have been given out only came after many questions where ansked on the NACHI site . CAHPI has a very poor way of doing things.They should be leading instead of always trying to play catch up.Still the majority of the questions asked have not been answered . Some real hard like who are the directors making all the decesions.
The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
[FONT=Verdana]A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day![/FONT]

I have completed my eastern and western Canada tour over the past few weeks. I have spoken to many inspectors. There are few more tours planned.

As I stated before - sorry but no further comments from me on the topic of “political differences”. Hopefully we can agree to disagree.

Regards, Claude

When BC implements licencing I wonder if they will ensure it meets a standard that can be backed up by an audit? OOOOOOOOOPS…

I would love licencing in Ontario. For far too long OAHI has not adequately played by its own rules. Licencing would get rid of the Old Boys mentality and the club atmosphere.

How many of you have been contacted by OAHI about misuese of CHI?
Roy R. I am surprised you actually got a reply from OAHI, probably because they need some warm bodies to infuse cold hard cash into the treasury. Give me your money honey!

At least we now have a pretty good idea where all the membership dues have been going…

Anybody who wants to know how OAHI operates only need to read the Appeal Findings of Mr. Roy Cooke Sr. to see what they are capable of doing, what they did and how they tried to hide it.

Or how they pick and choose not to respond to legitimate complaints with the DPPC. Corrupt is the only word that comes to mind. Oh you say you don’t like the word corrupt? Too bad! How about a comprimise… substitute the word “corrupt” with morally bankrupt! Ooooops. :wink:

A good read.

Outstanding charges by Mr. Cooke against the conspirators never were dealt with. Who needs central vac when you can sweep it under the rug.

The sad part is at least one OAHI director still believes Mr. Cooke was given his RHI because of a technicality! Technicalilty is not an appropriate word. Mr. Cooke was able to prove his case beyond doubt to a committee of his peers. There were no technicalities there was only prosecution based on animosities and conspiratorial overtones! Vendetta comes to mind as well!

To top it off those directors who made up the appeals committee were given a subsequent dressing down for finding in favour of Mr. Cooke based on the evidence! They resigned from the BOD and threatened with law suits if they spilled the beans.

Yes I think OAHI should be audited too!