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Question Period: Home Inspectors

                                           November 23, 2006



Thanks Raymond

This is exactly what we have heard so many times .
Many US States feel the same way .
I have heard that some US states that went the certification of Home Inspectors wish they had never gone there.
It just seems to go around . If it is not broke why try to fix it .
The home Inspectors will just spend more Money for no more returns.
My Feeling .

D. Thorne: Clearly, regulations are needed. Evidence is mounting. Why, we are now hearing stories that anybody with $300 and a computer can become an on-line certified home inspector. B.C. consumers deserve more adequate protection than this.

It’s only $289.00… They really need to get their facts straight.

We are all still waiting to see statistics that indicate that there is a REAL problem with home inspectors in Canada. The figures apparently used by CAPHI are ten years and several thousand home inspectors out of date.

If government is so concerned about home inspectors they must be going out of their minds about home painters and all the rest of the ‘professions’ that have sprung up over the years dedicated to assisting home owners with their maintenance issues. When will they be licensed too? Or is it just Home Inspectors who are the problem?

It is clear by the crack about $300 and a computer that CAPHI, rather than being interested in “getting along” ( notice that I did not use the term ‘including’ as it is quite clear that this will never happen) with NACHI, is working both covertly and overtly to keep NACHI out of the process where ever they can. Despite the protestations to the contrary by certain individuals on this message board.

And these are Nick’s best friends.

I think we need to be concerned about what may transpire in Ontario without Nachi being involved and that is licencing in Ontario whether anyone likes it or not that is what is being worked on.

What concerns me is Nick friend is permitted on this board as a full member, yet Nick is not permitted to post on the CANUCK LIST. While Bill is privy to info on this site and the members section the reciprocation is not available to Nick on the CANUCK.

I don’t necessarily think Nachi is looking out very well for our collective interests.

Something stinks to put it bluntly.

Ray you make a good point - however, the members that paid to belong and support that “private” forum were offered a vote and say on the issue. When all was said and done it was not a favourable majority vote to accept Nick. Regardless, perhaps the results could be different in the future!

If it helps, we also had to refuse the President of ASHI a couple years ago and the reason was the same. It’s restricted to Canadian resients. ergo: Canuck Forum.

Bill Mullen

Canadian residents or Canadian Inspectors or both? :wink:

Boy what you said ( not a favourable majority vote ) It was ,I understand a little more vocal and not nice then that.

Roy Cooke