Be careful with older callers

Just had a potential client mention the price I quoted her when I called back to check on the agreement status and she was $100 lower than what I told her yesterday on 3k sf. She is going to “find someone else”. The price she thought she heard is lower than what I would do a small condo for. :roll:
Guess I’ll have to start asking them to repeat it back to me. What really disturbs me is that her agent already tried to get her to pay someone much more and was not even going to get the utilities turned on. I don’t have the salesman skills to save her on this one. Oh well, you can’t save everyone.

Bruce there are many things you could say. One thing is to inform her that having the home inspected with No utilities is basically useless and at best nothing more than a VERY partial inspection. Then tell her that her agent has one agenda and that is to sell the house period and make their commission. YOUR agenda is to inform her of the good, the bad and the ugly of the home and its condition…yada yada yada. This is just another RE Agent who should have their license taken away.:twisted:


She was smart enough to know the utilites had to be turned on and also to find her own inspector. I don’t think my actual price was a problem but she thought I told her a lower price than what I did.

Those are just some of the reasons I always give callers my web site. Everything is there, including starting prices. I have more explanations on my web site than most all other inspectors in KC. I guess agents just hate it when I explain the truth.

Very rarely these days to people read and understand anything. They only understand what they think, and they then think so much, that they must understand that it is true. Joe Ferry should blog about that.

Gotta watch my grammer.

She did not have access to the internet to learn about the need to hire an inspector that is independent of realtors, has an infrared camera (and actuallly uses it on every house), has GL and E&O insurance and actual inspection reports posted on their site. Which reminds me that my posted reports are really old and not reflective of my latest reporting methods. I need to put some recent summaries on there…

Bruce, that is true also. Home inspectors need a well-rounded marketing plan. Some inspectors rely on the internet, while others shy away. I try to do brochures, flyers, some advertising, and the internet. Personally, I think I have received more inspections from refferals lately, and from leaving a large card at the inspection for the owner of the home.

True, you cannot save anyone. Sad how they find out in the end that this hairdresser that their friend reffered did a lousy job, or the mechanic their friend said was good did not do the job they expected. Everyone has different opinions, so you need to have that well-rounded plan.

It would have been a bigger problem had you not called, then showed up the inspection site and you were not in agreement with the price.

The agreement has to be sent in first and it has a place for the client to write in the fee. Some don’t bother to write it on the agreement so I have a rule listed in the agreement that says the fee will be the typical amount for the house if they do not include it. I would have called this one back if she had left it blank for sure.

what do you mean the client has to write in the fee? why don’t you just have client sign a complete agreement? then if they don’t like the fee they don’t have to sign.

I agree, that’s odd. :shock:

It sounds like Bruce has the client print a blank PIA from his website, fill it out and send it in to him after they have talked on the phone and understood the fee.