Beam Cut Down by 4/5

This situation is in a 100 year old garage. There were five 2 x 10s running down the middle supported by masonry block on either side with a steel column in the middle. It looks like someone cut four of them away to install garage door openers. The repair sistered two more 2 x 10s in three sections of the beam. The only new support added was a 2 by 3 foot steel plate on top of the white (overexposed in the photo) steel column. How bad is this?

I’m no engineer, but I’d say the beam is nearly useless as a structural support now. I would advise structural engineer evaluation.


5?? 2x10’s What is that supporting ?
Just throwing it out there but maybe an engineer did their calculations and said only 2 - 2x10 beam was sufficient. Looks like the new wood is set in the foundation pocket where the cut beam is. Maybe taking the 4 other beams out of the pocket was not practical and they just left them there.
Definitely call it out but it may be ok

I will never understand why people like to work so hard at cutting things up. :roll:
Side Mount Garage door opener, Ramm Home Inspections.jpg

That’s cool, haven’t seen those yet.

If the load required 5 - 2x10s, then any less is not acceptable. However 100 years ago it was common to build things with the philosophy “when in doubt, build hell for stout” so its possible they didn’t need all five, but losing four would be too many IMO.

I’ve never seen structural framing members installed flat like that when installed by people who knew what they were doing.

  1. What was it supporting? was there a bearing wall above?
  2. is it possible that it was just there to furr down to make the bracket level?