Garage Support Beam

Hey Guys-

This beam was in the garage of a split-level (kind of) style home with a living space above it. The beam was (3) 2x8s and the span was 22’. However, on the inside wall, the beam sat directly above the door to the house and there wasn’t any other structural support for about another 10’ into the house where the next wall sits. Directly inside the garage door to the right is the stairs to go to the upper level. Do you think they ran that all they way to that next wall? What’s supporting the beam? Thanks.



With out knowing the loads involved its difficult to help. Main beams made from 2x12 carrying typical floor loads usually span about 12 feet. Is it possible someone removed a support post from the center of the garage? That piece of sheet metal on the bottom of the beam, would that happen to be in the middle of the garage?

I didn’t consider that, but yes it was about in the middle.

Randy there should also be a full support at the end of this 22 ft beam, so this is double wrong. According to a proper practice the (3) 2x8s need to be supported by (3) 2x8s It can be off by what is pictured but the wall would need to be more than 7 inches or have a steel column and the header would need the same, it is not likely this was done.


The column support does not have to be 2x8s. Three 2x4 if properly supported can hold a significant amount of weight as a column. If you look closely at your first picture just behind the sheet metal on that beam I can see where some type of support column may have been. I would just call it out as a potential structural issue. The burden of proof then falls on the home owner to prove otherwise.

In addition to the modified Beam

  • You have HVAC ducting passing unprotected (which indicates Living Space above). This indicates improper fire separation between home and garage.
  • Insulation improperly installed
  • Receptacles missing covers

Yes Randy that is a good point and is possible. When I have seen this type of situation it is sometimes under supported by (2) 2x4s in the wall and I would still put a note if there where (3).
The post removed was probably a 8x8 wood post.
Joseph that is correct and the third picture confirms the breach.

Thanks guys. There were several issues with the electrical and firewall separation. The main beam setting above the doorway just really surprised me.