They want a door here... we'll just cut out these trusses.

Looks like they just cut out 6 truss members slapped some plywood on and face nailed two 2x6’s to hold it up. :roll::shock:

Thanks for a good laugh, Dave. :lol:](*,):-k

And what problem do you have with that?:stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the added load they introduced putting plywood down and loading the area with stored materials.

Add some more of that structural support foam and you are good to go.

That door won’t work right for long…along with other problems they will experience.

It is already sticking.

I am struggling with seeing an actual problem here. That door is installed in a bearing wall with sheathing. (2) 2x12’s are taking the place of (2) mono trusses to provide a walkway for the door. I don’t know what the 2x6 is over the door except for maybe a ledger under the 2x12’s. Was this a retrofit or new construction?

The cut trusses were supported by hangers on the bearing wall, original build.

How do you know that this isn’t part of the original engineering?
Just askin’ !

I pondered that for about two seconds until I noticed the 2x6’s face nailed with half a dozen nails ‘supporting’ the area where the 6 truss members (2 2x6 and 4 2x4) had been removed. Does not appear to be an engineer approved modification.

Great example of why gusset plates are installed on both sides of trusses.