Beam Pocket

What would say about this beam pocket and wooden shims???


Steel beams should only be supported with steel shims. These steel shims should also be welded to the beam so they will not move out of place. Wood shims (under steel beams) will often crush or creep and will cause the steel beam to settle or fall out of square.



Would you say anything about the open pocket???



No, I’ve seen many open pocket beams with no issues.


I agree with Dave Buck.
I am curious though as to what the black substance is on the floor joist and the min. bearing for steel beams in the IRC is 3" and 4" in commercial applications.
I also notice that the sill plate on the beam is not bolted and the beam seat should be provided with anchorage for lateral movement and displacement.
Open pockets is fine.
Just an observation of the pic. :):smiley: