Bearing wall support modifications

Would like to get your opinion on this. This home had three of these openings cut into a support wall header in the crawl with a portion of the blocking panels removed (this is a bearing wall in a two story home) to accomodate HVAC and Plumbing routed to the second floor. The home was built in 1999. Squash blocks are still in place. My understanding, however, is that the blocking panels also provide support for load bearing walls. So, given the home appears to have withstood a test of time, how would you portray this observation to the buyer? Should I defer to a design/structural engineer? Thanks for any thoughts…


Looks like a pic of the framing at the crawl access, with the top plates of the support wall cut out. The plates can be cut as long as there is still solid support for joists and steel tie straps are added.

I am assuming there are joist headers for the crawl access opening on either side of the opening (looks like a joist was cut to frame the opening), but I don’t see the headers cut from the pic. That would need a repair if they were excessively cut for ducts/pipes.

Unless you see unusual movement, probably just repairs a good carpenter can handle.

Not a good indicator in general as it’s not known if the structure has ever seen the full design load … and even if it has or hasn’t, whether it just barely supported the load. Also structures do not get stronger over time … they get weaker.