Become a Home Energy Score Assessor Class at InterNACHI School

The InterNACHI School is hosting a Become a Home Energy Score Assessor Classon April 26-27, 2017.

In this live 2-day class, your expert instructor will take you through all of the training you need to become a Home Energy Score Assessor, including classroom, 3D simulation, and hands-on training.

The goal of the class is to:

  • award you the designation of Home Energy Score Assessor;
  • get you ready to score your first home; and
  • get you ready for participating in a QA program with a mentor.

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What about the simulator for the mentor program is that something that will happen?

If Trump gets his way the EPA Home Energy Score will no longer exist.

I’ll be there.

I made the statement a long time ago that the energy score would not stand the test of time. A New broom sweeps clean;-)

Feel free to contact for some options related to the current mentor program.

Found this on Dominion Power’s website. Very similar.