Become A Home Inspector

Is this book by Mike Pompeii worth the money?



No idea, but do know joining NACHI is a good idea …Cookie


Chuck, I have inspection books up the ying yang. Email me at and I’ll lend you whatever you want.

That book is terrible, its probably 50 pages long, all double spaced type, at least 10 pages of sample written checklists. Do not waste your money.



A few years ago, I ordered a set of HI reports from Mr Pompei. These were supposedly up to ashi standards. To say the least, they were junk, not worth the paper they were printed on. I still got em somewhere in a box in storage. I read them every once and a while when I need a chuckle.

I did not find the Pompei book useful.

If you want a single *technical *reference for home inspection skills, IMO the best single volume source is:

Principles of Home Inspection: Systems & Standards (Principles of Home Inspection)

If you want a book on the business of home inspection I don’t know of a single outstanding source, I would suggest reading the “marketing” sections here for starters.

I am currently not a home inspector, but I am considering it to add to my new buisness.

Thanks for all the info. I have two more for you:

The Home Reference Book

Inspecting A House by Cauldwell

Thanks again:D

i have the Principles book…and inspecting a house, both good reads
very informative

I have Cauldwell’s, email me and I’ll send to you.