Become an Approved Instructor of The InterNACHI School

**Get Started Here

  1. Create a Chapter of InterNACHI. It’s FREE. It’s EASY. Takes 5 minutes to set up the Chapter website. Use that website to: (i) offer a course, (ii) handle student registration, and (iii) collect payments. See my example - Create your own.
  2. We’ll list your Chapter website in the Directory.
  3. InterNACHI will constantly send to you (and your website) a ton of potential students (we generate about 1 every 15 minutes).
  4. When you get enough students to register for a class - Teach the class! - (You pick the place, the time, and the price.)
  5. We’ll provide you with teaching materials (powerpoint presentations, etc.) You can to teach something from; or you can develop your own class curriculum; or you can do a webinar (no experience necessary, we’ll help you with the technology).
  6. We’ll provide each of your students with a ton of free stuff.

Our goal is for every student worldwide to find a local InterNACHI Instructor.
Our School staff is highly motivated to bring students and instructors together.
It’s a win-win partnership.

In NJ, we have a 10 module curriculum that takes 140hrs. To complete. Does Internachi have a similar program?
The program that Nick showed me a while back had commercial, radon and mold included. I don’t think NJ will accept those.

We’ve developed a model for NY too. Tom is helping -
Any course can be developed to suit your state requirements - no problem. We’ll help with that.

We can develop a comprehensive NJ course comprised of these individual courses or

You’ll have to help by: selecting the subject matter you want to teach, and adding state-specific content.

Question? Why would I pay a 1000.00 fee if I can collect $$ from students and do the class without going through NACHI?

I’m glad to hear you’re successful in your endeavors.
Our goal is to help students worldwide find their local InterNACHI Instructor.

**Offer and conduct your own classes, **
Manage your own schedule, and
**Set your own fees. **

Our goals are:

  • to help every student worldwide to find a local InterNACHI Instructor, and
  • to fully support qualified instructors in their teaching endeavors.

We provide instructors with everything they need to:

  1. Offer and conduct their own classes,
  2. Manage their own schedule, and
  3. Set their own fees.

Details about becoming an instructor

Ben, is this still going on? I’ve been pondering the idea for years and I may heavily consider teaching home inspection. State of Virginia.