Pennsylvania mentor issues

So according to the interNACHI rules I have to do 100 inspections to be a full member. I have contacted every inspector within a 2 hour drive of my location. They have all refused to let me work with them because they don’t want competition. How do I go about getting my 100 inspections for my membership. I have paid for E&O insurance and general liability so I’m not happy with these guys. What ever happened to helping out your fellow man.

Welcome to our forum,Joseph!..enjoy participating. :smile:

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Thank you I’m sure I will.

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Joseph, You may have to travel farther. Make a week of inspections now and again.

Here is the link for CMIs: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

And the link for CPIs: Find Certified Home Inspectors Near You - InterNACHI®

And Mentors: Home Inspector Mentoring - InterNACHI® and InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Also, you may want to take advantage of your Education Team at for specific questions e.g. 15 Steps to Become a Successful Home Inspector - InterNACHI® and InterNACHI® Master Class for Home Inspectors .

And there is the Helpful How-To Videos - InterNACHI® for many other things. And the InterNACHI online education page: How do I navigate the InterNACHI online education page? | InterNACHI FAQ

Just to make sure I’m understanding your questions;

In order to be a member of interNACHI, you have to list 100 inspections performed? Or is that the requirement to be a licensed inspector under state law? Pretty sure anyone that pays fees to NACHI can be a member.


I think it’s a IntreNACHI requirement

It’s not a Nachi requirement, it’s an outdated PA law.

Here’s some helpful information from Nachi’s founder:


Best to go ahead and join interNACHI and take the classes required to become a CPI. Then determine what your state may require for further licensing.


Thanks guys :+1:

This PA thing has come up a few times just in the short period I have been a member. 100 inspections is definitely overkill for getting a license (in my opinion) but as Nick states in the link above, your 100 don’t have to be from a PA inspector.

I’m sure it is frustrating, but keep in mind, the ones you are asking likely had to jump through the same hoops and may have paid big bucks and traveling costs to get their 100 from an out-of-state or far off source. You can’t really expect them to just be OK with you having it much easier/cheaper. Just my thoughts!


Remember, you only have to participate in 100 inspections. That is a loose word, participate.

I think this law is ripe for abuse and pencil whipping. Rightfully so, it is ridiculous.

A busy home inspector does 15 a week, give or take. That is nearly 7 weeks full time to hit 100


My thoughts as well. If one can read between the lines, this requirement may not be as difficult as it sounds.


I talked to Justin Weber he is over my local chapter and offered his assistant. I am still learning how to navigate NACHI and where to go to for specific help. I just wanted to say I appreciate everyone’s advice and as I learn more I hope to help others.