becoming a VA FHA inspector.

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How does one go about becoming a VA FHA inspector? Phone numbers, adresses, costs would be appreciated

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The two are different. VA is currently looking for more compliance inspectors. They dumped the one-association-only requirement for NACHI, so you no longer need to be a member of ASHI but instead need the following more sensible qualifications (3-years experience based):

b. Compliance Inspectors

(1) Three years experience in one of the following categories or combination thereof:

? Construction inspector of real properties for the purpose of determining compliance with construction requirements established by law.
? Construction engineer.
? Architect.
? Superintendent of construction in large housing developments.
? Builder of residential or commercial properties.
? In other capacities of a similar nature which demonstrates an ability to perform the duties of a compliance inspector.

(2) Additional qualification requirements

? Submit three letters attesting to the applicant's qualifications as an inspector using the references listed on the application.
? There may be no conflict of interest between the applicant's employment and performance as a fee person with VA.
? Employees of HUD, FNMA, FHLMC, or the Postal Service are not eligible.
? Local and State government employees may be designated. The same precautions as those stated for fee appraisers should be followed.
? Procedures for a CAIVRS search will be the same as those required for fee appraisers.
? In states that do not require inspector licensing, the applicant shall complete a written test and a performance test in order to evaluate the applicant's capabilities. The written test will be prepared by the field station and will test the applicant's knowledge of construction techniques and terminology. The performance test will be a demonstration inspection on VA Form 26-1839, Compliance Inspection Report. Neither the written test nor the performance test may be waived. Prior to the performance test, the applicant will be furnished with instructional and procedural material necessary to complete the inspection.
? An individual may be designated to more than one fee roster provided he or she demonstrates the required experience or qualifications.

FHA is handled by NACHI member Larry Ott of our WPA Chapter at


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thanks for the info Nick…I have already contacted Larry Ott about the fha side and will be starting that class this month.


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I’ll be frank here. People either love Larry or hate him. I love him. He has almost single handedly wiped out the words “ASHI” from all HUD, VA, and FHA documents (which at one time were everywhere). He got the nation’s largest lender to recommend (but not require) NACHI certified inspectors. He got the Department of Vocational and Occupational Rehab to pay for 1/2 of NACHI membership dues. He formed his own NACHI Chapter which is very education based (no frills). He came to several other chapter meetings to help out when I needed it (not to push his school, but just to help me). He got a PA attorney (Brad Dornish) to write a NACHI’s PA-specific pre-inspection agreement and offer it free to members. He formed his own national association of FHA consultants which recommends NACHI inspectors exclusively. He made Pittsburgh NACHI country essentially. He did a few other things which resulted in more and more leads for NACHI members from (I can’t discuss here). He put a huge sign up on his building on the main drag in Pittsburgh that says National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and gives our web address. He bombards the National Relocation REALTORs with literature touting NACHI inspectors. And when I commented on his beautiful Jaguar, he gave it to me…he owns three. I of course declined to accept it.


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Nick -

this is off-topic a little, but since you bring it up...

I have been trying since I joined in August to get a copy of that "PA-specific pre-inspection agreement." NO one - neither Mr. Dornish, nor anyone at NACHI has EVER responded to my request or answered y questions as to whether it even really exists.

I have posted on this before, again, with no response.

I don't mind if there is none - but we should at least stop talking about it and advertising for Mr. Dornish if no one in NACHI can supply a copy, and members can't even get a courtesy reply in response to a inquiry about it.