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How do i become certified as a Certified FHA / VA inspector?

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There is a stark difference between a professional home inspection and an FHA appraisal inspection. Real estate appraisers come from diverse professional backgrounds, and no doubt, there are some with construction experience. But the majority have educational and work experience in business and finance. One might as well ask an accountant to conduct a home inspection.
To offset and justify this confusion, HUD now provides a document advising home buyers of the benefits of a professional home inspection in addition to the mandated appraisal inspection. But there are two problems with this advisement. For some buyers, the document, which contains the home inspection recommendation, is part of an endless flow of papers to be signed and initialed in the course of escrow. Unless someone specifically emphasizes the importance of a home inspection, the recommendation is often overlooked. For others, the seemingly thorough FHA inspection makes a home inspection appear redundant and nonessential.
As things presently stand, we have an unfortunate and unnecessary mess that is largely unknown except by industry insiders. Buyers should be made aware of the total inadequacy of an appraisal inspection, and HUD should be called to account for this absurd and avoidable confusion. They should rescind a mandate that is causing increased problems for the home-buying public they allege to protect.

You are a FHA Home Inspector if you are (or not need to be) a Licensed Home Inspector.

So, everyone is a FHA/VA Inspector as long as they are LIcensed if you state has that or if not, everyone is a FHA/VA Inspector?


I do lots of inspections for clients financing FHA/VA. We also do several through Rural Development (RD). I have never been asked for anything more than my normal Report with a few exceptions.
If there is a well and Septic system involved they ask for a water test including lead, and a septic evaluation.
The septic evaluation anything from a dye test to a full pump and inspect. I do offer the dye test in my area but only after I recommend that it be opened, pumped and inspected by a septic company.
Hope this helps

If the home is a modular on a foundation they are asking for an inspection of the foundation from a licensed structural professional.


The company I work for, CIS, Inc, was started by my father when he got into 203k’s and FHA/VA compliance inspections back in '87. The bulk of his work is doing Compliance Inspections and Mobile Home Foundation Certifications, more the MH Foundation Certs now. On occasion, I ride along with his inspectors so that I can keep up to date with the requirements of the inspections. From what I understand, when HUD needs inspectors, they’ll let the public know! I know it took a few inspectors a few years to get the HUD designation (of which I am in the process of filling out the paperwork)…

From http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/faqs/tech_faq.cfm
**[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Question: **[/FONT]How do I become an approved Home Inspector?
[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Answer: [/FONT]Although we strongly urge homeowners to get a home inspection before buying a home, HUD does not approve home inspectors. We do not retain a list, nor do we expect to in the future.
**[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Question: **[/FONT]How do I become an FHA Compliance/Fee Inspector?
[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Answer: [/FONT]Applicants for fee inspectors will be accepted if the Homeownership Center determines a need for additional inspectors. HUD is required to advertise in a major local newspaper and the minority newspaper when applications will be accepted for the Fee Inspector Panel.

The application information should be submitted in the following format. A list or resume documenting:


A minimum of three years experience as a remodeling contractor, general contractor or home inspector. A state license as a state certified engineer or architect may be submitted in lieu of the documentation of the three years experience;




Licensing (general contractor, home inspector, etc.). In those states where a Home Inspector is required to be licensed, the Department requires the applicant to be licensed and to provide proof of that licensing;


A narrative description of the current/prospective consultant’s ability to perform home inspections, prepare architectural drawings, use proper methods of cost estimating and complete draw inspections; and,


The applicant must also submit a certification verifying that the consultant has read and fully understands the requirements of HUD Handbook 4240.4, REV 2 (203(k) Handbook) and all related materials listed in Attachment 1 of Mortgagee Letter 00-25.[/size][/FONT]

As for the reply from Darren, allow me my opinion… Being a Licensed Certified RE Appraiser (not FHA Certified) here in Florida, I have done a quite a few FHA Appraisals with my, at the time, Supervisor. FHA has quite a few requirements for their appraisers, including taking and passing the FHA exam. You are correct in saying that some appraisers have a background in accounting, but my experience with fellow appraisers is that a greater portion have a background in real estate. (My accounting background consists of the 2 classes required for my AA degree in Bus. Admin.). I am a firm believer, as it seems you are also, in that it is the responsibility of the Appraiser and HI to educate the buyers on the differences between a HI and the FHA Appraisal Inspection. But not everyone has the same outlook as us. As my ex-Supervisor says, “FHA is making sure the home is Safe, Sanitary, and Secure.” We, as HI’s, do the same plus more… And it goes without saying that within any profession the quality of work varies from person to person. I don’t believe that a FHA Appraiser should say they are doing work equivalent to that of a Home Inspector, and should you find one that does, it shouldn’t be too hard to prove them incorrect. The main gripe I have is that you compared me to an accountant!!! If I were an accountant, I’d be too busy embezzling money and not writing this long response…