Becoming an Inspector

I am interested in becoming a building inspector. Is this Internachi course a valid course for state and local requirements or is it only for Home inspections.Not sure if i’m wording this all correctly, hopefully you understand.

Are you looking to becoming a building code inspector?

Maybe he means commercial code inspector? If so:

Hello all. First time poster, long time lurker. I too am investigating home inspecting. This original post brought up a question which will likely demonstrate how naive I am at this point. I’m in PA and interested in residential inspecting, but many many properties are listed as residential/commercial in my area. Does that zoning disqualify a certified home inspector, without commercial certification, from doing the job? How is the inspector supposed to know the end usage?

Dave Rohm

Commercial inspectors are not licensed. I suggest you join though. Membership in the Network if free.

Where in PA?
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