How to start Commercial Inspecting

So I am new to Home Inspection and don’t know much at all with commercial inspections. The area I am in I was told lacks a commercial inspector within an 1hr commute. What does it take to become a commercial inspector. I am in SC and I also have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Where would I go to get good training? What has been your experience with doing them vs residential? I know I am new but I am just looking at taking advantage of opportunities. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is that who you went through? What are your experiences/expectations with commercial vs residential?

I also was clicking through your website and found that your specialty services page link on your services page doesn’t work.

Hi, thanks I’ll have my wife look into the link. I done the courses offered here at NACHI. I also done some courses under Carson Dunlop. CCPIA is owned by Nick Gromicko as well. As for commercial, we’ve done a few, but mostly residential so far. Someone from your neck of the woods might be able to give you a better idea of expectations for your area.

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Chris, there is also Dale Duffy who has been doing commercial inspections forever and may talk to you:

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I will reach out to him, thank you.

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Hey Christopher, have you looked at the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties?

I haven’t but I will do that first thing. Thanks.

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More info to consider: Commercial Inspection requirements Florida

I know the thread is 5 years old but it appears worth checking into. :smile:

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My two cents: I know for a fact that the Mortgage Bankers Association actively trains their members to make sure their clients’ third party PCAs are written to ASTM E2018-15.

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ASTM E2018-15 is what I was trying to think of. Thanks, Darren!

Just got information back from the licensing board and I will have to have a license in general contracting, architect, or Professional Engineer. So looks like I will be taking the NASCLA. Thank you everyone for all the information.

Commercial inspection in my opinion is easier than a home inspection.

Larry, you’re right about Dale. He’s a great guy; :partying_face: hopefully still around and available.
Roy, you’re spot on. The beauty of Comm’l (as Dale would say, on the way to the bank) is that there are no emotions involved. The buyer is a totally different animal than Residential. Even the RE agents are dispassionate about it; I rarely ever see them on site.
Truly fits with my belief in the ELF System: Easy, Lucrative and Fun!

Yes, I bequeath full uncopyrighted use of that phrase to all of you . . .

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@rlewis5 What makes a commercial inspection easier than a residential one?

Usually just office spaces and open areas.

How do you typically charge for commercial inspections? Do you charge differently for office/mixed-use/warehouse?