How to proceed as a certified commercial inspector?

I’ve been doing general/ physical commercial inspections for the past 8 years (VERY basic, standard walk through of a property and some units, simple write up of condition assessments, no license, certification, or insurance required).

Commercial inspections for buying and selling real estate is something I am interested in. I am a very structured and organized person and I know I would be great at composing reports and doing thorough investigations of buildings.

Also, running my own business and not having to deal with slacker co- workers or arrogant bosses on a daily basis (as well as deadline wages) seems worth the added tax burden of running your own business.

So what’s a good place to start- get certified and then work as an underdog for a commercial inspection firm? Network and build a client base, then learn the tricks on the job sites as I go?

It is all very intimidating to me right now because I am not specially trained or skilled in construction or building systems, but I am very eager to learn.

How did you start out?
Who helped you along the way?
What would you change about the course you took in your inspection business?
How much investment did you shell out before you started seeing a return?


All of your questions can be answered, here.

Here is the most governmentally-approved commercial inspection course: Approved by:

Alaska Department of Commerce Community and Economic Development, Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing, Home Inspector Program
Alberta Government, Service Alberta
Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board
Delaware Board of Home Inspectors
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), Bureau of Education and Testing
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Professional Regulation*
Indiana Real Estate Commission, Home Inspector Licensing Board
International Association of Professional Contractors
Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board
Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors
Master Inspector Certification Board
Mississippi Home Inspector Board
Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Real Estate Division
New Hampshire Home Inspector Licensing Board
New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs, State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Home Inspection Advisory Committee
Oregon Construction Contractors Board
South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Residential Builders Commission
South Dakota Real Estate Commission
Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)
West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, State Fire Marshal’s Office
Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing

And now HUD officials take the course as part of their in-house CE.

I sent my application in a few weeks ago. Haven’t heard back yet.

HUD officials take the NACHI course, where commercial standards resemble residential building inspection standards…

By the way, the Federal Government recognized ASTM
Only NACHI does not and trashes it because it is a competing standard.

Hud has there own training . “'HUD REAC Training”.
I’ve done it and it is long and boring and after all that you become a …
Uniform Physical Condition Standards Inspector.

Hi, Cal.
Here’s some information that might help:

Hmm, my state is not on the list (California). What is the best course of certification and licensing for my state?

Some more thoughts that have come up,

what percentage of your business income goes to expenses (materials, business expenses, gas, taxes)? Say you bring in $100,000, how much do you actually bring in?

How dangerous is this job? Chances of electrocution? Falling through a shoddy roof?

How do you handle things like heat (and possible heat stroke) inspecting large buildings with all utilities off for hours on end in the dead of summer?

Where do you go to network with potential clients?

Perhaps consider an office job.

Interesting how we got from the above to the following…

So, fess up… you’ve been doing $8 field inspections, haven’t you?!!

Cal, There is no licensing here in California.

Same here. any ideal when we can expect to hear back if we are “officially members”?

Never. ComInspect doesn’t mail its members anything.

Hello Everyone,

I know this is an old conversation but I am fairly new to the forum - Out of curiosity, does anyone know the requirements or process for undertaking Commercial Inspections in Calgary, Alberta CA?

Thanks in advance.