Bedroom light switches.

I inspected a house today that had two switches per bedroom for the overhead lights. They both turned the lights on but they did operate like a three way switch (I do not know why they would have been three way wired seeing as the are right next to each other). If Both switches are in the on position the light is on, if one is in the off position and the other is in the on position the light stays on and visa-versa. The only way the light stays off is if they are both in the off position. It was just very strange as I have never run across this before. Normally when they have two switches side by side like that it means that they are pre-wired for ceiling fans. I just want to see if you guys would call this out for needing further evaluation?






Here is the last photo of the light off only with both switches in the off position.
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Trademark of a flipper. Refer it to a licensed sparky. Suggest verbiage to CYA when he finds more wrong with the rest of the system.

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One more photo of the quality construction you find around here.



You are more than likely correct. Thanks for the reassurance!

Typical for the apprentice to wire the outlets and switches while the Master wires the panel.

[FONT=Calibri][FONT=Calibri][FONT=Comic Sans MS]From your description it sounds like the ceiling light was improperly wired with two separate hot wires tied together from two separate switches. When I see a triple switch at a bedroom entry it typically indicates that one switch operates an outlet and another switch operates a ceiling light and the third switch is secondary hot for ceiling fan if installed. I also agree it should be further evaluated and corrected by a qualified electrical contractor.[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

What you have is definitely wrong. But the switches were not wired as a 3-way, at least not correctly. If they were they wouldn’t have to be in the same position.

The third switch is a lamp circuit. Thanks guys for all the input.