Wireing question

Need some advise here.

I am going to install a ceiling fan in the master bedroom.

There is no ceiling fixture but there are two sconce lights on the wall.

The feed from the panel is #14/2 and there is a #14/3 running between the sconce light boxes.

Another #14/2 leaves the box with the feed and goes into the light switch.

“I think” I would disconnect the #14/3 and connect the feed to the 14/2 going to the switch and running it into the new ceiling box, then run a new line to the switch so the fan could be switch activated.

What do you sparkys think?


If you can clarify how the connections are made behind the sconces and the number and colors of wires at the switch it would help.

It sounds like you may have a switch loop from the 2nd sconce to the switch, while the power comes into the first sconce. This would explained the 14-3 between the sconces, a constant hot and a switched hot connected to the fixture wires.

I “think” I would hire an electrician.

Thanks Jim:

Switch has two wire - black and white
Sconce where feed comes in is connected to a red and black and two whites.

Seems I forgot to mention that I am removing the sconce lights.


I don’t mean to offend anyone but, just like you would advise a client to seek professional help i will do the same to you. Call a licensed electrician and pay for a professional job. And so you know I am an electrician

Good advice.

Yes it is good advise.

however I have called at least 5 electricians and none of them want the job

Too small I guess


Run a 14-3 to the fan so you can switch the light on the fan and the fan itself…and get rid of the wiring for the wall lights.

Thanks for the help :smiley:

Job complete

Thanks for the help Darren