Bedroom or Not, No permanent heating

Bedroom had no permanent heating except for a oil filled heater. Would you consider this to be a bedroom ? Had a window and small closet.

Please note East bedroom?? has no permanent heating Method.

I’m with Roy, just note that it has no permanent heating source and if the window is too small for ingress and egress note that as a potential safety hazard and move on.

Just curious what you all would mark in South, South “broward or lower” Florida if had no heat but a window a/c and proper egress.

Just for discussion sake?

The winter design temperature table is not below 60 degrees there, so, I probably wouldn’t comment on it down there where it is warm most all the time.

I agree… We need a heat source here… TN

What do you mean by “permanent heating”? You stated there is an oil-filled heater.

Recognized building standards require ALL habitable rooms to have a heat source capable of maintaining a minimum room temperatures of 65-70 degrees.

This does not mean that each room must contain a heating device but that each room must receive sufficient heat.

You may write something like: "The present heat source arrangement could make it very difficult to achieve adequate temperatures (In ****Room) Or (within the house) to maintain health, comfort and system safety without excessive energy usage, and create a big difference in temperatures throughout the house.

Sufficiently heating bedroom(s) could require leaving door(s) open, which will limit privacy."

The installation of one or more portable space heaters shall NOT be used to achieve compliance with this section. R303.8 required heating. Found the code

I go with Roy and Larry above. Mention that there is no permanently installed heating method, check window for proper egress size and move on.


Thanks Jim I still believe in the KISS method .
Some (not in this string ) put in a couple of paragraphs to say the same thing .

Chris is correct. The bedroom is not required to have its own heat source. The requirement is directed at the “residence,” not individual rooms - even in Florida…

I agree, but the fact that there’s no heating device in the room, although not technically a defect if the room can eventually reach appropriate tempuratures, is still a finding and noteworthy. I’d think commenting on it is still approriate, just dont call it a defect, merely part of your findings or informational notes.

In Chicago that would often be a defect.
Those walls get frosty in December and January.

Sunny warm weather climates may be different.

I agree with you Christopher very well said. Really, there are not permanent methods for heating.