Beer anyone?

Found this in the crawl today… And that was only half of them…
It probably was from the guys that did the piers…:smiley:

I’d say it was the termites…

David they were there too

And I found this in the attic…it probably was from the guys that did the repairs :wink:

Hands down the most interesting items I ever found in a crawl space, sitting right next to one another.
An old empty bottle of whiskey and a leather riding crop/whip kind of thing.
Ooh la la.
Fun times in suburbia.:shock:

Same dwelling … Just look at the way they hooked up the water softener…
They pulled one side off the pressure switch at the well . …Yep!
Welcome to north Florida…:smiley:
One more beer boys and we will have this sucker hooked up!

Nice, I find beer cans in the attic frequently… can only imagine what is under all the blown insulation I have looked at the over the years.

I once put my hand down the insulation at hatch to find out what was the VP and a half full box of condom was there. It was in a detached garage with couch, beer fridge,… found out later that they divorced. She must have found out that her hubby mechanic was not only changing oil of cars…

I need a beer after completing the advanced radon course…