Drunkin Plumber....:)

Hey Guys,

Well on my way through this house today…I noticed in the crawl space that was HIDDEN behind a large picture…a crawl space full of beer cans dating back to 1972…and THIS picture I took of the drunkin plumbers handywork…Got Gravity? Got Support?..Maybe it got NEITHER!


If all the issues you have been posting are the same house, you hit the nail on the head…a plumber with a drinking problem…8- (8\)

Or no problem drinking.

lol…yep…all the same house…


maybe he thought it was a reeeeeeally long Ptrap?

Close But I think it was a very long Peeeeeeeeeee trap .
I could not resist . Sorry . Roy Cooke sr

I would be more concerned with the vapor barrier facing
the crawl space and it appears to be mold growing on
the far left batt.



I think that is just the picture…

No support either.


#1 rule of plumbing…$h!t always flows downhill.

Rule #2 pay day is thursday
Rule #3 don’t lick your fingers

My guys would always get sick on Fridays whenever I paid them on Thursdays. I pay on Fridays now. Amazingly enough, they’ve all been well on Fridays ever since.:smiley: