Being a REALTOR and a home inspector

I have been an inspector for 18 years. My wife just became a realtor last year. She is doing okay, has a few deals. To avoid any conflict of interest, I do not do inspections for her transactions.

I have thought about getting my real estate license, just so I can help her out with clients when needed. Plus, sometimes I just feel like marketing myself and knocking on some doors just to see if I can get some listings…

Have any of you Moonlighted as a Realtor?? Was it worth it??? Good or bad points… feel free to share!

I think you can do whatever as long as you keep the two separate. Many contractors and handymen/handywomen are inspectors but claim to not intertwine the two. I don’t think that’s any different than an agent/inspector combination.


There isn’t a conflict to inspect houses for her (she shouldn’t be referring just 1 inspector anyways).
There is a conflict if you are showing homes and home inspecting them also.
Just saying.

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My lawyer says its not an issue. You should read what you posted closer.
Better yet call “your” lawyer and ask him. I’ve already consulted one on this matter

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Don’t need to.
Show your Attorney a copy of the Internachi Code of Ethics.
He may be correct regarding state law, but not if you are an Internachi Member!!


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You are extrapolating info that isnt there in the careful wording…



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Curious. Is your wife an RE agent?

That’s what he stated in his OP. :+1:

I’d be amazed if keeping his wifey happy wasn’t a conflict of interest.

Best part about being a realtor and an HI is that you can argue with yourself.


I have a real estate broker’s license here in Wisconsin. I was working as an agent first and then became a home inspector.
For me doing both is worth it as the ebb and flow of income from each are not necessarily tied together. This year, my real estate sales have slowed down but I’m doing more inspections.

If you decide to go down this road, stay ethical, always put the client first and never inspect properties you have a financial interest in (your real estate deal or your spouses).


I agree with Joe and have similar background. Ive been a successful agent for 15 yrs. Now, I am working to repeat within this industry. I would NEVER skate on any thin lines. Its just not worth it. Looks okay now bc you’re not thinking of the conflict of interest - but I can GUARANTEE you one is coming. Especially w what Jeff said as well… The whole Happy wife , happy life thing. I would also say there should never be any chance of a conflict of interest - otherwise You end up carrying the weight.

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I take the position that even if you disclose the conflict and make efforts to keep both activities separate the actual problem is the perception that the client sees or, more imprtantly, the perception that the court sees when something goes south. Recommend that you stay away from your wifes clients and if you get a RE license you refer inspections for those transactions to another trusted inspector.

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Beware, because that could be construed as being a conflict also, by a very sharp attorney that knows how to put the pieces together!

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There are a few long-time Nachi members (one is now retired), one from Oklahoma and one from California, that have bragged on here many times that their wife is an agent and they have no problem doing inspections for her clients, as long as it has been disclosed to the client. They have also claimed they do inspections for many other agents that work for the same broker as their wife.
Note: They are both very good inspectors.


Here is another way to look at it:

We are all playing the litigation lottery. Might as well as make as much money as you can until someone takes a swipe at it.


I am also a realtor, I am very careful I don’t mix buisinesses. It is very helpful to have mls access. I primarily use the license for my own purchases, but I help a few friends/family as well. For the cost, well worth it.


Yes, definitely keep them separate. It would be fun to change it up and just have some listings for fun. Who better to review another inspection report too right in that phase of a transaction??? ha!