Ben at the recent MAHI meeting

(Joe Lundequam, CRI) #1

I had a GREAT time at the last MAHI meeting in Inver Grove Hgts last Saturday! Ben is a great speaker and all the free material is something to be happy about, too.

(Larry Kage, CMI) #2

I see you just joined InterNACHI…Welcome, Joe! :slight_smile:

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #3

There was something about getting a case of “Now that you’ve had your inspection.”
Maybe for new members?

(Thor D. Wiebe) #4

Joe I agree with you on the meeting. It was worth the 3 hour travel time one way to be there.

Thor Wiebe

(Dave Range, CMI) #5

They did that for last years tour also, if you put a review on the forum, good or bad you would receive a case of books.

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #6

I think I already did a review but just in case. I always look for a nugget when attending seminars, My feeling is one good tip makes it all worth it and I walked away with a few. Ben is an easy guy to listen to.

(Pete A. Busch) #7

I wish I could have made that meeting.