Hot PICs of today's packed MAHI/InterNACHI inspectors meeting.

Wall-to-wall with Minnesota inspectors:

Another PIC:

Great glad for them we always enjoyed these meeting nice to see so many ladies there too. Thanks for the pictures Nick

Hi Nick,

I was at Ben’s presentation this morning in Inver Grove Heights, MN and it was great!! It was standing room only and Ben had our attention for 3 hours.

Learned a lot and looking forward to implementing what I learned.


Michael Buettner
Wise Home Inspection LLC

A big thank you to Doug and the guys at MWAHI and to Ben for putting on a fun and educational session today. It was a full house with loads of good information.

As always, another great educational experience this am in Inver Grove Heights, MN. InterNachi and MWHI put on a great seminar. Standing room only. Thanks Ben and Doug.

I was there too.
Check my post on Marketing in the forum Ben.
Know what I mean?? :wink:

Had a very helpful time with the MWAHI/InterNACHI inspectors in Inver Grove Heights, MN, yesterday. Well worth the 2 hour drive. Learned much from Ben Gromicko as well as from the informal talks with the other inspectors. Very encouraging. Well done, Doug and Ben.

I want to thank Ben for giving up his weekend to share his knowledge and experience, it is nice to belong to an organization that is so helpful and passionate about inspiring people to be the best they can be. This event was worth the 3.5 hour drive, I would also like to thank The Midwest Association of Home Inspectors for hosting this event.

I had a great time at the at the MWAHI meeting! Ben really gave some additional motivation to market my Home inspection business. Thanks Ben

Had a very positive experience at the meeting on Saturday. MAHI is a great organization and Ben did a great job. Looking forward to future gatherings. Thanks Ben!

Great information! Ben did an overview of tools and benefits that come with my membership that we definitely need be using. Excellent marketing tips that I am excited to put into action. Nice giveaways and standing room only!
Thanks Ben for your time!