Please review the attached Mold Report. I only posted the summary page with the mold types found from the two air samples. One outdoors and one in living area.
This is a 35-40 year old berm home that was gutted about 3-4years ago, due to a termite problem. All drywall was removed from the wall and ceiling, all flooring was removed and all wall framing striped back to concrete walls. Of course all has been replaced.
This person is a DAV and a friend of mine that I am trying to help out. He and his wife were suffering allergy type issues and have been tested. Of course they are both allergic to pollen’s and molds, etc. They are the only two living in the house and there are no pets/animals living in the house. General house keeping/cleaning/dusting etc are good. I have done a visual of the house and can not find any obvious water intrusion. Indoor humidity runs about 40-55% based on season and weather.

After reviewing of the mold types would you assume a water/moisture issue?
(My suspicion)
Any thought on the extremely high dander count?
I am going back with a moisture meter to probe about and see what I can find.
Any thoughts, directions, on how to precede?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Jeffrey.
Too many variables to type here about.
If you’d like, call me tomorrow 954-326-2679 & we can cuss & discuss!
<<MG>> State Lic Mold Assessor #MRSA1573 :slight_smile: