Moisture: Humidity or hidden moisture condition?

While inspecting a 2007 home I tested the finished portion of a basement and found moisture readings up to 18% at the corner of the lower wall along the trim. The drywall registered up to 16% moisture and the interior wall was up to 13% moisture. Relative humidity was over 85 and we had recent rain.
Is this a typical reading? Or, should it be further evaluated?
No humidifier was present. No A/C running…
Thanks, Bill O

Found high humidity and high moisture reading .
This condition can lead to a serious mould problem .
Recommend immediate repair .

You are kidding, right? Don’t you need just a little more information…

I am inspecting to find concerns .

Not my job to dig up the foundation or to tear open the wall .
What more information do think I need to have .
What makes you think I am kidding .
Thanks for the discussion .

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Was the interior wall a known dry wall? If that is your point of reference and there was only a 5% difference to the exterior wall, I’m not sure you can draw many conclusions from those readings.

If you don’t have staining and/or damage to add to your evidence I would simply add a note which mentions the readings and emphasizes the need for exterior and interior moisture control and regular monitoring.

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One added his thoughts and more good information and ideas ( Thanks Cameron ).

Repair could be a simple as adding a dehumidifier, or a major fix .

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Most of my moisture readings come back under 10% or over 30%. It’s the borderline cases that make it a more difficult call.

Here’s what I wrote…

Improve : Raised Moisture Levels present finishes tested in the basement ( 18 %). Levels above 19% moisture promote wood rot and/or mold. Modern buildings have a more difficult time discharging moisture. Humidifiers, air conditioning and simple ventilation are some
methods used to reduce moisture levels. No wet/leak condition observed.
Follow this wit h my usual “No basement leaks at the time of the inspection” comment…

Even if I keep my moisture meter in my pocket until I see evidence of moisture, I’ll still run into the borderline moisture levels that need their own commentary…

I’ll probably add…If moisture levels persist, further evaluation is recommended…

Thanks, Bill

Recent rain, high humidity, corner.

Recommend monitoring for changing conditions and using a fan.


Not much.

DEHUmidifier. 85% humidity w/o any ac if they don’t have mold already they will- homeowner not an inspector but we hire professionals to catch things we don’t know about because we’ve never owned a home or aren’t builders, ect.