Besides Home Inspections, What Infrared Services Did You Preform in 2010?

I’m just trying to learn what types of Infrared services or additional income some of you were able to reap due to having an Infrared camera.

I had a few radiant floor heat inspections, driveway inspections, roof snow-melt systems, some plumbing leak hunts, a few mini energy audits, and helped flush some Raccoons from someones attic.

I’m planning on marketing my Infrared services as hard if not harder than my home inspection services in 2011. I wish I could transition over into doing all infrared work. Have any of you been able to make such a transition?

It takes time (and money). Building inspections is just one IR application. There’s a lot of opportunities out there. You can’t do much with a $1500 toolbag imager can you?? Enjoy you visit.

I realize there’s lots of opportunities out there so I was wondering which of those opportunities home inspectors were taking advantage of or having the most success with?

I have no idea what a $1500 toolbag imager can do other than make a great paper weight. The absolute minimum camera I would recommend anyone to buy runs about $8k.

My dad is retiring from 35 years of medical practice and joining me to do Infrared work as a part-time, make a little side money, have something to do, job. I told him he needed the $15k B400 or T400 at the minimum so he’s buying one this next week when we attend InfraMation.

Since I already have the FLIR B400, I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t get him to buy a different camera that will broaden my companies capabilities.


Since your dad has a medical background, he may consider the thermal imaging research and development field. He may be able to obtain grants and do research pertaining his medical background. FLIR has a line of R & D imagers. or he can use your B 400 and search for termites.:wink:

A few of the services I’ve been able to market (This is the beta of next version of the site, not all links are not active, but this article is not on the old site…)

Infrared Inspections In Chicago For Water, Moisture intrusions and Leaks


I would ask why two “partners” need two imagers when one is more than enough for the work you are doing now.

It sounds like you need a marketer and/or salesman and not another thermographer to take half the work and profits.

I don’t mean this in a rude way. I’m aware that sometimes typed communications can seem brash. Just wanted to share a bit of my hard-learned experiences.

As someone else said “Marketing is everything and everything is marketing”

Hope it’s helpful!


It’s called a “business investment”. At tax time it is called a “write off”.