IR Cameras: Inspecting Roofs. Another InterNACHI inspection article.

IR Cameras: Inspecting Roofs.

Care should be considered when writing public articles about IR cameras and thermo imaging, since most of us inspectors cannot afford this technology at this time. If agents and home buyers start demanding this technology, then we will all have to meet the demand, or fail.

The genie is already out of the bottle.

Pretty narrow minded if one can not stand the heat he should exit the kitchen:shock:

It is hard for us here in KC to compete with $249 complete home inspections including termite, on **any **size home. If I spent $10K on a thermo camera, and the classes to learn, how can I reap my investment? In September of 2003, I did 59 home inspections. So far this month, 2010, 13. I have to eat and pay my utilities some how. It is all about pricing here. Sad, and true.

Signed, frustrated in KC.

You waited to late some of us jumped on the wagon 4 years ago I smelled this coming Added IR, Mold and Radon. Now commercial IR is a good supplement and growing all the time. I am having my best year in the 14 years in this business and I just raised my prices have not had time to update my web page prices but I will.

Had a commercial investor call me last evening trying to low ball me he was surprised at my price and stated he had a lower price quote and was my price because of the IR. My Statement was (I think I am worth the price) he just laughed and said I like that. I don’t suppose I will hear from him again but there will be another one

Charley is correct. The more ancillary services you can offer, the more diverse income streams you create that are outside the normal home inspection customer base. Thermal imaging is in demand. We have never had one of our monthly infrared classes canceled, in over 2 years, because of a lack of attendance. If you don’t position yourself in the IR market, your competition will.


I think you’re going about this from the wrong perspective.

Home inspection sucks in this economy.

Most of us have not had a home inspection request in weeks. However, we’re making more money than ever!

Your refusal not to look at other options outside of home inspection will be a source of your demise!

You’re already four years behind the IR program.
How many more before you decide to get on board and attempt to play “catch-up”?

Actually, I could care less if anyone here even attempts to get into the IR program.

I currently get about five requests a week for services other than home inspection. I do not have to compete with low ball idiots because nobody else can compete.

Just keep on doing what you’ve always done and you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.

Times are changing my friends!
Quit sitting around waiting for something to happen, when it probably won’t! You can probably forget about home energy audits and other government subsidized programs. It is unlikely anyone can wait out the economic crisis that is unfolding and only getting worse on a daily basis. There are a large number of infrared programs out there that just won’t fly. Don’t waste your time on what doesn’t work. Focus on what will. Do your research and get your ground work going. If you have been in home inspection for a few years, you have the potential to have hundreds of leads from the work you previously did (so long as you didn’t burn your bridges along the way).

Jezz John you finally said the words that I will frame and put on my wall;-)


Hypocrite: ““If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”–Milton Berle”
Build it, they will come.
Bring it on, they will want it.
Choose or lose it.
Do what others do and you will have what others have.

My upgraded FLIR T-400 will be delivered at my door today.
How much time and money do think I have invested?
What do you think my ROI is?
Check out

I just received a call from a commercial energy consulting contractor in Chicago inquiring about my services. I just upgraded to a FLIR T300, incorporated for a separate infrared services business, and started a new website about 2 weeks ago. The work is out there, you just have to invest some $$$$ and go for it.

Your gonna like that T300 nice cameras I like the rotating lens allows this old man with a bad neck to scan those roofs with out the pain

I do water intrusion inspections with mine, as well as energy audits and regular inspections.

Had a contractor call me and went out today. Split faced block single family with a flat roof. The owner (he moved in 3 months ago, the poor guy) complained about cracking of the crwon moulding in the master bedroom below the roof deck.

Saw that the furing strips and ceiling / roof trusses were colder than normal (Pics 1 and 2). Checked with a deep probimg moisture meter and it pegged at the trusses.

Has the contractor cut out some ceiling drywall and, low and behold, the truss ends were rotted and the gussets were rusting (pic 3).

Looking in the roof / ceiling space (pic 4) there was rot and mold all over.

They are gonna gut the top floor, replace the roof and trusses and seal the building, flash the coping stones, take the caulk out of the lintel spaces and, generally, rebuild the place.

Look for new uses and you will make money.

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