Best E&O Deal in Town!

NACHI’s E&O saves me over 6 years’ of membership dues per year, alone.

I had been paying about 3k for a measly 250,000 E&O w/2500 deductible.

This year, I went with NACHI’s ADRS system as a $90.00 first line of defense.

Then I followed it with NACHI’s E&O, which runs me only $1,800 a year for $500,000k and a 5000 deductible.

Savings: $1200.00 a year.
Slam-Dunk, NACHI Rocks!

Russ, it is not yet available here in AZ, is there someone I can contact for a quote?

Not yet available in South Carolina…

Hurry, my FREA (underwritten by Nat’l Union Fire Ins Co.) renews NLT 10 days prior to 30 August…

And (like everyone has commented here) “Regrettably, in order to keep rate increases to a minumum, we are no longer able to offer group discounts…”

it’s going up again…

Hurry>>>:shock: :shock:


Then call Joe Ferry, light a fire there!

I had Joe give me a quote, but it came in a little higher than what I am currently paying.

I think it probably depends on your area as to whether or not oyu see significant savings.

I mention this since I have had some potential newbies ask me recently about E&O and what the going rate was. They thought from these kinds of posts that NACHI discounts it for them off the standards price. It is not necessarily the case - it MAY be lower, maybe even alot lower (like Russ) - but it also may not be the best deal.

As they say, your mileage may vary!

Also, contact Rachel at:

Hello, folks -

Great news. We are going national on July 1, 2006. Since that is a Saturday and Tuesday is the Fourth - meaning a lot of folks won’t be working on Monday, either - figure the fifth for a full rollout.

A long time coming but well worth it in the end.

As always, call me for a quote.

Even non-NACHI members can get a quote from me. Of course, you have to join NACHI to get the coverage.

Just a reminder to consider my method - ADRS as a first line of defense (no losers yet, as I’ve heard) - followed by a high deductible which allows for the lowest premium.

Thanks for expediting this nationally, Joe!

Will they be able to get it in PR, HI, etc, too?

Damn, I’d love to obtain those affordable rates.

I contacted ADRS and gave them my FREA rates and asked if they could beat them. They emailed me back and stated “*At the present time, we can not compete with your current rates”. *

So your low rates must depend on your geographical location.

What does ADRS have to do with the E&O?

WOW, First thing in the morning and I had a brain fart…

I meant Towers Perrin.

Thanks David

You scared me there for a minute.

No…This is scary


When I go to that link , iI get the following message


Sorry, the insurance offer is not yet available in your state (ID).  Please check back in 15-20 days.

Which Idaho do you live in?

Lew, as I said:

Then call Joe Ferry

When buying insurance, there’s many things to consider besides the cost of it. For instance, I’m equally interested in integrity and loyalty, and want to feel confidant that I won’t be dropped if I’m victimized by a frivolous lawsuit. Why? Because that’s exactly what happened to me. I’m proud to say that the representative of my current insurance company is not just my agent, he’s a trusted friend and advisor. However, I’m not going to say in a public forum who that is, but I will say that if my premiums were a thousand dollars higher than that of other companies that I would never switch. The representative of my company explained my coverage to me, and needed to. Why? Because the average inspector, myself included, could never hope to understand the legalese, and all policies are not equal. In fact, I suspect that there are only a few inspectors who have actually read their policies, yet alone understood them. Money is not the root of all evil, it is the counter by which culture is distributed, but don’t let cost alone sway your decision.

Good points, Keith;
Hopefully, we can trust NACHI’s decision of entrusting this to Towers Perrin.

Keith and Russ -

Excellent points, Keith. And that is precisely why the membership needs to get behind this program. As an individual, you are really at the mercy of the insurance carrier’s whim. As a member of a huge organization - the 800 pound gorilla in our industry - that is providing the insurance carrier with millions of dollars in premium, you have a lot more leverage because the organization has a lot more leverage with the insurer. I am in continuing contact with this insurer and our broker and they are committed to making this the premier professional liability program in our industry.

We currently have about 8000 US members. If, say, 4000 members embrace the program, that gives me a lot of clout with this insurance carrier and this insurance broker. I actually have a lot of clout already - my calls are returned, my opinions are solicited, inevitable glitches are squared away in a timely fashion - but nothing near what I will have when we have 4000 insureds.

We are going national with the program on July 1 and are expecting a torrent of applications after we do. Chris Morrell, our Webmaster, is currently working to upgrade the web interface and make it more user friendly for the membership. This is a great program and the vast majority of our members are saving a lot of money with it.

Nothing like putting money back into the pockets of 8,000 members to make an attorney look good . . .
Thanks, Joe!

(8,000 members x $289) + (4,000 members x $2000) = $10,312,000/yr in the NACHI coffers! Jeez, let’s just self-insure our members.