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Please explain what it means to be a “NACHI preferred” provider of insurance. Many real estate agencies have such “preferred providers” as well, and there is usually a fee or other consideration attached to that designation, somewhere.

Specifically, does the provider pay a fee to be a “preferred provider” and do you (directly or indirectly) receive consideration of any kind in connection with their services? I am asking this as I usually see you connected with the promotion of this particular E & O program and I have noted your many posts supporting the need for E & O insurance - and I was wondering if there was a connection between the two.

There is no extra premium charged or referral paid to anyone by a NACHI Member obtaining their insurance with the program we are using.

Are you referring to the same program that Joe is?

Yes, it is through AIG, with the same NACHI discount.

Thank you.

CH Insurance Brokerage also deals with Towers Perrin or whatever their name is?

Learn something new every day. I always thought Joe Ferry was attached with Towers Perrin and did receive some type of stippen with each referral.

Not in canada

If this is true, it should be footnoted in the legal advice he is presenting on this board to members in matters regarding E&O. I have nothing against Joe Ferry being a vendor, but I need to know that the person advising me of my need for a used car…sells them.:wink:

It isn’t the provider that is “preferred”, it is the NACHI member.

NACHI members seeking coverage under this program should go through the NACHI portal at Towers Perrin put numerous uncompensated hours into securing this benefit for our membership and it should reap the benefit of that hard work.

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Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I am curious as to whether or not you receive any compensation, directly or indirectly, from any provider of E&O insurance to NACHI members. Do you? You endorse it quite heavily.

You must be mistaken, John, for our COE (Section 6) would require that he disclose this so that one could tell the difference between actual legal advice and a commercial for E&O insurance.

CH Insurance Brokerage has a direct relationship with AIG and we quote the business here at the agency.

I don’t care who gets compensation… if they do or not!

I just got my E and O Insurance quote thru NACHI’s discount portal… AIG, Towers Perrin, and my cost is about $2,071 for E and O, taxes and fees included for a 1 million dollar policy… under a (2,500) deductible / per claim.

I have shopped, and shopped, and shopped again… You will not find a cheaper price anywhere! My second choice would be Allen’s, and they are a few hundred more… I switched to save some cash.

Hope this helps…

Hey Jason,

I also found TP to be a $200-$300 cost benefit over Allen Insurance. I believe TP offers a claims made policy and Allen offers an occurance policy which are slightly more expensive no matter who quotes the policy. Since I’ve had a 9 year running history of excellent service and support with Bob Pearson and Allen Insurance, I can’t convince myself to change carriers and policy coverage for a couple hundred a year.

Merry Christmas All!

Hi Will,
Yes, I agree Allens Insurance is an excellent insurance agency… I had occurrence coverage with them for 2 years, its the best insurance (occurrence form) for any inspector starting out, and making sure they are giong to stay in this business, without the worry of (tail coverage) with claims made… That’s why I had occurence with Allens for 2 years. I also believe that Allens is the only insurance company that offers this.

I switched to Towers Perrin because I am planning to stay in business now for the next 20 years, if all goes okay… I wanted a million in coverage and pay less premiums…

As for my insurance savings… If I were to keep a 500k/1,000,000k my policy with Allens for (occurence) E and O and General Liability coverage was around $4200 with taxes.

With Towers Perrin (claims) made insurance $2,071 TOTAL for E and O for 1,000,000 / 1,000,000,000 then I went outside and found Mercury Casualty for my 1,000,000, / 2,000,000 General Liability and that was $500…

Towers Perrin - $2,600 (claims made) for a Million
Allens - $4,200 (occurrence) for 500k/1,000,000

You have to weigh the cost… but yes, I do agree I felt more comfortable with Occurrence, but for the cost difference. I decided to go with claims made.

Happy Holidays!

I also just switched to the Towers policy and am saving money on my premium.

Wow… I just filled out the on-line Premium Estimation and Summary at and found that the premiums at Towers Perrin are much lower than last year (when I checked).

I will not be re-newing my policy with FREA this year, as TP is over $1,000.00 cheaper.