Best/Recommended Infrared Camera

Hi Everyone,

Any recommendations on a good infrared camera. Even though I am just starting out with one, I would rather spend the extra money now compared to later for a good one. Thanks!

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You’ll get a varying of opinions here, all with good advice, but here is a fairly recent article if you haven’t already seen it.


Thanks Tom!

Flir E8. Then you will have a very good Imager that will last you for many years.

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What training have you already received? Without proper training, you don’t even know what questions to ask others about their recommendations to know if it’s proper for YOUR needs and abilities.


Guess what… most cameras on the market today can make the same claims… depending on a lot of factors that have not even been mentioned.

Example 2:
What is your favorite car?
There are Chevy lovers. Ford lovers. Mopar lovers. Yugo lovers! Which one is the best… for YOU??

Hi Jeff,

I plan on going through the training/certification class offered through Monroe Technologies or somewhere else. Any recommendations for a certification course is also welcomed :smiley:

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The best training is at your own home. Set up different environments.
Look to see what moisture looks like. And what wiring anomalies look like.
However, To understand the causes is a whole other matter. That just takes experience.
Flir has a bunch of no cost courses.


I use the flir c5 (around $600) the e8 is around $3000. You are going to get what you pay for. Mine is fine for home inspection needs, but has some things to be desired.

C5 has 160x120 imager (my minimum recommendation)
The e8 has 320x240

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Thanks Roy! Because the training course I was planning on taking cost $600 buckaroonies!

Which is a drop in the bucket if all you want out of your IR is basic home inspector stuff. If you ever desire to get professional IR training to utilize IR to it’s full extent and make some REAL $$$$, you are talking an average of $2,000 for each certification level.

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You can buy an E4 and have it hacked into an E8. There is a dude on eBay that sells them.


I bought one and it is legit.

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link? or his shop name. Feel free to direct message it to me! :wink:

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