Bid Price?

What would be a good bid on an inspection of
a industrial/commerical site with a lot of open
space inside, offices, flat roof, one-story, etc…?

The s/ft of the building is 50,000 s/ft.

Geeeeeez that almost the size of Home Depots! Ohhh just chage 'em the normal sq.ft price, they can obviously afford it.:slight_smile:


I did one a little smaller than that two weeks ago, set up similar, mostly warehouse with 4,000 sq. ft. of just large offices with three women’s and three men’s rooms. A small kitchenette/break room and they wanted the basic condition of the parking lot (asphalt) a brief consideration of the carport structures (needing paint) (lot lighting) etc.

Just major components and systems, few receptacles in each room, etc.

My HVAC man charged me $400.00…there was a 24 ton Chiller with a few Condenser/gas combo’s.

Electrician charged me $500.00 …was there for five hours.

I charged $4,399.00…has done in eight hours, report another two hours.