Need Help!!!

I got a call for a price to inspect a 58,000 sq foot commercial building. Ive never done one this large any ideas on pricing? Has anyine done one this large? THanks in advance

I would say be careful on commercial if you never done them before. Get plenty of advise before taking it on

I would talk to Gerry Beaumont if I were you. He has some good experience with Comerical and couuld give you some pointers and get you in the right direction.

William…I generally charge a price which reflects my licensed electrician and HVAC professional also inspecting those two important items.

58,000 sq. ft. would take us less than 7 hours and generally 4 hrs. writing the report for a building constructed in the last 10 years.

I try to bid all Commercial work so I’m making just over $300.00 per hr. net after paying my electrician and HVAC man.

I talked to Gerry Beaumont, he was very helpfuland informative thanks for the referral.