TAREI and InterNACHI are joining. This is BIG news in Texas.


My compliments to Nick and TAREI for coming together as a coalition that can work amicably towards the problems inspectors face. TAREI and InterNACHI will maintain separate association identities but will work together on a membership package that is simply unprecedented. Thank you Nick, you are a generous and honorable person. . . . . Thank you TAREI for you vision.


Many thanks to John Cahill for his work on this new Texas alliance.

I was thinking about joining TAREI. With TARIE members getting to join InterNACHI for free, and since I’m a paying member to NACHI, does this mean I can join TARIE for free. Tit for tat? :mrgreen:

As I understand it, if you are a member of InterNACHI now then you are also a member of TAREI now. No additional fee. Not sure of the registration process. Will post when I find out.

Next year when you renew I think you pay your money to TAREI and InterNACHI is included at no extra charge. I am not privy to the revenue sharing but the good news is you get two associations for one. A GREAT national association and a GREAT State of Texas association.

Will advise if I am in error or of new details. I think Scott Emerson may know some of them.

Thanks John, I was assuming worst case was when my NACHI expired in Dec., I would join Tarei then and get both benefits. If I get Tarei membership prior to that, great. Keep us posted.

When this deal was put together Nick and JD (TAREI prez) insisted it be win win win win win for the inspector. I have been active in both groups for a long time and I love em both.

That’s good. Nick may have just saved TAREI from extinction.

Hopefully, it will be a good match. I always thought TAREI’s real strength was their conferences and related classroom training, which should make a good compliment to NACHI’s online education offerings and marketing prowess.

If you know history you will know TPREIA was started when a group of TAREI Houston members departed TAREI for certain reasons. A lot of TPREIA membership was former TAREI and some are current TAREI. Some are also members of NACHI.

TAREI offered an olive branch to the TPREIA Board and invited them to lay aside differences and rejoin TAREI and receive the benefits of NACHI. One unified State association is in the interest of inspectors. Political division is not.

I invite all TPREIA members to join TAREI and NACHI. Although I think it best for TPREIA to merge with TAREI, I respect those who might choose not to. Come back to TAREI my inspection friends and you will be amazed at the benefits of TAREI and NACHI.

If you are in Houston look up the next TAREI meeting and visit. TAREI is the States oldest group and the cornerstone of Texas inspection. http://www.tarei.com/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3294

Actually TAREI has about 350 members as does InterNACHI Texas. Combined they are the voice of inspectors. If the 140 or so TPREIA members join us the industry may have a strong common voice in the next legislative session.

Let’s not dwell on TAREI or TPREIA negatives. The guys n gals in both groups are wonderful. Come together and enjoy the synergy of this remarkable affiliation. TAREI InterNACHI or InterNACHI TAREI. No matter how you say it . . . . . its gonna be fun

The TAREI/InterNACHI Alliance is now the undisputed, unified voice of inspectors in Texas.

My NACHI membership is up this month. So does this mean I should join TAREI and get the INAchi for free. Could Joh nor Nick please advise me on what I need to do.

I think this joining is a very positive thing.

Currently we’ve only agreed that TAREI members can join InterNACHI for free.

We’re working on a dual membership offer that will eventually cover renewals in both associations.

We also hope to begin having joint conventions/meetings under the TAREI/InterNACHI Alliance banner.


TAREI will work with all Texas NACHI Inspectors… Our next conference will be July 23rd and 24th in Carrollton… Hope to have a strong showing of NACHI/TAREI Inspectors…

Most inspectors in Texas do not belong to any association. Now there is no reason for these independent inspectors not to join TAREI immediately. Join TAREI today!

What a positive response. I can hardly get my work done. This is fantastic.

JD, We need to advertise the NACHI forum to all TAREI members. It is the voice of inspectors.

Sounds like a winner. I look forward to seeing this grow.

John McKenna… you and JD Fuller are almost neighbors. Yes?

Hopefully this will bring more Inachi inspectors out to strengthen our state presence politically.

Yes… JD Fuller lives fairly close to me. TAREI had me teach
the InterNACHI’s INFRARED CERTIFIED class (1 day version) at
a recent convention in San Antonio TX. There are a lot of
great people in TAREI.

JD Fuller is known as a nice guy and I am glad to see him as
the president of TAREI.