Big thanks to members Gerry Beaumont, Bryant Wetzel and Henry Valenzano.

I’d like to thank Gerry Beaumont, Bryant Wetzel and Henry Valenzano for helping out a fellow member. The post here: says it all.

Members helping members.

This Is What It’s All About,is It Not?

Oh good god, Gerry’s head was big enough before he read that :|__) With that said Gerry has helped me on many occasions for which I am very grateful. Even if he does tell everyone I’m a Pratt.


Greg is going to be a great inspector! But he does have to learn the fine art of reiteration. Greg starts his first fee paid inspection on Monday, September 4th, 2006 in Aurora, Colorado. If anyone wants to go along and observe, well, they are more than welcome to show up. Parking is limited to twenty cars, so show up early. Food and drinks are provided by Greg’s wife. Gina. Children, elder relatives, distant cousins and their neighbors are welcome to come and hang out during the inspection. Bring your video camera and we will edit all the footage into one giant first inspection critique. :shock: Bryant H. Wetzel C.M.I. Colorado Home Inspections

Hi Bryant,

What a marvelous idea, shame I live so far away. I can just see the rows of deckchairs on the lawn, and picture us munching on pop-corn and offering useful suggestions as he does his inspection :wink:

With friends like this no one needs any enemies :mrgreen:



Gerry, Ya, Greg says he will get the air fare if you bring the deck chairs. His wife is on the hook for food and I can get the drinks from Wal-Mart. I say we set up a boxing ring in the back yard and invite some… Oh, Wait…Public Forum Sensibilities Kicking In… er, ah, Never Mind! I guess we have to settle for chalk boards and side bets on misses and near misses. We could even set up a pool for when the report gets finished. Bryant

You know what busters, all of you.