ICC Boot Camp Tampa

We have scheduled another Boot Camp for Tampa on 9-9-2006. Visit our web site for more information.



Greg, I’m going to be in Tampa, Indian Rocks Beach area from the 7-10th.

I’ll see if I can fit it in my schedule, sounds interesting.

Any possibility you are hanging out with Mark Cramer? :smiley:

Hi Joe…no… I sold a condo at Shipwatch in Largo myself and couple other guys had for an investment property.

My son has been living in it, I’m helping him move to another property we bought.

But I might call Mark and ask if he wants to have a beer at Jimmy Guanas, the bar at the Holiday Inn on the intercoastal directly across from the condos…:smiley:

Dale, you will be just down the street from me, give me a call and we’ll go find some frosty ones.



Count me in, I’m good for a round. :smiley:

Sounds like a winner.

How’d the first one go? How many people turned out?

Hi Dale,

I look forward to meeting you. I actually have a few questions and would like to pick your brain.

Hi Wendy,

The first boot camp is on 8-26. So far we have over 150 people registered and paid for the first four events.

Wow, good job. Have you planned your trip to Europe yet?

I wonder if Mr. Burkeson will be teaching from his 15 years of inspection experience (acquired since 2003) or will he be sharing his own personal study methods for the test…that he posted in another thread that he did not study for?

I’m not sure, Jim, but having met and spoken to both Greg and Joe in person, several times, I can tell you that they are both full of knowledge and willing to share it. The proof will be in the pudding as far as the classes go, and the students will certainly be able to say whether the class was worth the time and money.

I don’t think it is right to criticize and start trouble with them prior to then.

They have a good idea, and if they can make it work more power to them! I think we all wish that people would pay us to teach from our experience. Oh, wait, that is what we do during home inspecitons!!


Let me know when you want to do one down here. We should be good for about 20 to 40.


You are correct, Blaine. Education programs live or die on their own merit. This one is no different. Mr. Burkeson’s long history of what appears to be false and misleading statements regarding his actual qualifications, as he apparently scrambled behind the scenes to acquire legitimate qualifications while criticizing others, should have no bearing here, assuming that he has experience in passing knowledge on to others (a totally separate skill).

No doubt, he has been doing that for 15 years, as well. (I gotta admit, he does look pretty good for being 85 years old).

All burkesonisms aside, though, I do hope the class goes well. If so, it may encourage others throughout the country to put together similar programs for a variety of credential harvesting activities.

I not only stand on my years of verifiable certified,& licensed experience but my reputation within the profession and in the community. As an example I was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Leadership Hillsborough and I am also currently running for a board seat on both a local & statewide Home Inspection association.

As far as my New Jersey electrical license goes, it was shelved when I moved to Florida 2001 and I did not renew my business permit when it expired in 2003, end of story. That being said in no way diminishes the the 18 years my license was active, nor does it negate the 6000 hours of certified apprenticeship I endured to qualify for my electrical license.

Today I hold a Residential Combination Inspectors Certificate from the ICC, which is the same qualifications the state of Florida uses for its Municipal Inspectors. Over the next year I intend to pass the tests necessary to become a Commercial Combination Inspector.

I challenge anyone to dispute what I have written here. My goal in all this is first to set an example and then to help others achieve their own goals, the net effect of this will stimulate growth, expand our markets and raise the level of professionalism within our association. The opportunity Greg & I offer is not for everyone, it is for those who have a long-range view and can see the value in being certified by a nationally recognized council that is totally unbiased in regards to what HI association you belong to.

All that from someone who has what for credentials?

Just exactly what are your credentials James BS. Or are you really Nick in disguise? As usual, some legitimate home inspectors try to do good for the profession and you are there first to criticize and then to spread false statements.

But when it comes to backing up your mouth, I was there, and you were missing from that front row. Just another of the famous James BS lies?

All home inspectors would be wise to push this guy out of the profession as he is a disgrace.

Careful Joe,

You know Bushart attacks anyone that appears to have more knowledge than he. He views them as a threat. His jealousy in this area runs deep. I suspect that he is a poor learner, or maybe a handicapped one, (with hearing aids).

Keep up the good work Joe. You and Gregg are on the right path. The future of home inspection is ever changing. Lead, follow or get out of the way. You are leading.

Bushart has already been all he can be!

I guess Hoopy is the best support that Little Joe can muster, right now.:smiley: :smiley:

How the heck are you, Hoopy? Win any Spelling Bees, lately?

This is quite an endorsement for your class, guys, I must admit. While I am hoping for your success (in spite of the lack of credibility of one of the instructors), your pal Hoopy and his insensitive remarks toward people with physical disabilities does little for your cause.

Anyway, good luck.

Like many I leave the code to BI’s - I do not know it - I do not have the time to research a question and I do not carry a code book with me in the car

I have a client that I will be doing the phase inspections for and he just had his plans turned down by a BI for structural reasons. The architect has his stamp on them and is working with the BI

This person is an ex- police man and has no education on code. (he is working under someone else’s license - never knew that that was allowed)

I do believe that BI’s need some help – we all see this every day. Towns let Joe home owner add additions with out permits etc. Don’t these people get out and check on these things??

Greg I think you should put on your ICC boot camp for BI’s they need help. At least they should learn how to read the book

Greg you are a good instructor - I just do not see the value for this type of knowledge for HI’s

Just like I do not see the need for HI’s to have an electrical license to pull the cover off a panel.

We are generalist - not code of any type

Go after the BI’s so Joe home owner will get a better product - He is paying a lot of $$ in some areas for crap

I also do think you should put this course up on the NACHI web like Gerry and others have done for all NACHI members for free