Bigger Kiln 70 amp from 100 panel?

Hello all
I need to get a larger Kiln
I have a 100 amp panel. I would like to have a 70amp breaker in the garage, aprox 40 ft run. The kiln has a draw of 58 amps, Most of my apliances are gas, I live alone so at most a couple of lights and a tv will be on during firing.

Will I need to or should I upgrade the panel?

Thanks in advance.


Without knowing the answer is yes.
We can not do calculations as Home Inspectors however even then you do not state much missing info as to if the kiln is 220 or 110,plus we know nothing of your other panel

100 amps is the panel rating or the number you see on the main disconnect?
Breaker and wiring configuration at the main panel as well as the sub-panel in the garage.
Seems to me you have a commercial setup which may also fall under AHJ authority and permits needing to be pulled.
I doubt you will get a direct answer here and you should have a Licensed or certified Sparky look at this as you will obviously not be doing it yourself.

Without a load calculation we’re just guessing but IMO given what you’ve outlined (58 amp, 240 volt load, gas appliances, no central A/C) you wouldn’t need a larger service. Having said that if you did manage to overload the 100 amp panel the OCPD should open. Either way this is a poor way of going about it. You should have someone perform a load calculation and make the appropriate decision based on that.

Do whatever your electrician recommends…