I just inspected this home that has a main panel in the basement that is 100 Amp. The sub-panel in the garage is fed by a 60 amp breaker from the main panel. However the sub-panel has a 100 amp main breaker. So I should list this panel as 60 amps?

Also the sub panel has bare ground wires and white neutral wires connected at both sides. :roll:



Yes, if it’s fed at 60 amps, it’s only a 60 amp subpanel. The 100 amp breaker in that subpanel is nothing more than a “local disconnect”, making a convenient place to kill the power to the whole panel. It probably came with the subpanel when the original installer purchased it, actually.

Since as you have said before Mark , the sub panel does not need a main breaker , we can see it as a on off switch, but isn,t that misleading if somebody overloads the sub panelbased on it stated 100 amps.

Dumb people do dumb stuff all the time, but even if they do load it to 100 amps, no hazard will exist. The 60 amp feeder breaker will simply trip.

Ahhhhhh sooooo say the wise man.
That makes to much sense.

What about the neutrals and the grounds together in the sub-panel?

Hi there, they should be seperated and the neutrals need to be isolated from the panel enclosure.



Is that 60 amp breaker in the main panel needed for the sub-panel?

The conductors supplying the panel are required to be protected where they receive their supply - 240.4.

It is not required to be 60 amps.

Also notice in the panel at the garage the breaker holddown, since it is backfed.

Thanks, everybody! I appreciate all your comments. Ken