Bill-119 - WSIB

After nearly 3 years of to-and-fro with the Minster of Labour, Kevin Flynn MPP, his staff at the Ministry of Labour and the WSIB we still have no resolution to the inconsistencies that put Home Inspectors, Realtors and Consumers alike at the mercy of the inconsistent WSIB policies applied to Home Inspectors.

We are not tradespeople and should not be treated as such. The Minister doesn’t get it, the Ministry doesn’t get it, and the WSIB doesn’t give a hoot as long as they are collecting money.

They won’t answer their emails, they won’t answer their phone calls so maybe if we start to use their own marketing tools against them we might get some results.

On facebook? Friend Kevin Flynn and start peppering his marketing messages with questions as to why he’s not doing anything.

On twitter? How about @MPPKevinFlynn

Ask him why the WSIB inconsistent policy is still being applied to home inspectors in Ontario. Why won’t he work with the profession to get things sorted? Why does he insist that the WSIB has nothing to do with him? Why won’t he intervene to get the WSIB change the very policies he himself agreed were inconsistent and appeared wrong?

It’s only a matter of time before the WSIB take a Home Inspector or one of their clients or referring realtors to court for a $100,000 top-up to the WSIB coffers.

There’s going to be a phone-in to the CBC on Wednesday between 12pm and 1pm. Details here: