Binoculars ??

What type / power / brand of binoculars do you use or recommend for inspection use. Important features such as built-in camera or image stabilization? Thanks

Sony Cybershot DSC-H2
12X optical zoom (56X digital) with image stabilization

Images of a slate roof from the ground on a 2 story house:





First image at 0 zoom
Last image at full zoom

That’s beautiful. I think I need to upgrade from my Nikon with 4x optical! By the way, never use digital on any of these cameras. If you have to blow it up more use a software program on your computer and you’ll get much better results.

For general use, I like a low powered set of binoculars. The reason for this is that with higher powered binoculars, you look at a smaller area with high magnification. Plus, you sometimes can’t back up too far before you’re out in the streets or across the street to get a reasonable view of the entire roof line.

Very nice what is a camera like that cost .
I use a 20 power scope on a trypod as I can not hold 8 power steady enough.

Looks like you can get it for about $275
Froogles listings:
Cnet Listings:

Make sure to check shipping costs when doing these comparisons though.

Thanks but it looks like I have broke the bank with new IR camera and about $2,500;00 for the course to learn more about it .


Don’t believe in binoculars even though I carry and old set I walk 99% of all roofs. I will say it a hundred times you can not inspect a roof from the drip line or the street. Living in the hail belt walking roofs is what keeps me out of court. Seen to many inspectors go out of business because of paying for new shingles. If you live in Hail country Binoculars will get you to the front door of the court house.

Very interesting I would love to read about some of these court cases .
Managed to stay out of court but always interested in increasing my knowledge.
… Thanks Cookie

I use the 10X30 Canon IS binoculars - hand held the IS makes them equivalent in effective resolution to my 14x non IS pair, and the are a LOT pleasanter to use. I use them as much for siding, service drops and the like as for roofs.

The court house door is always open you are welcome anytime;)

They’re on the DSC-H9 version now (bigger and beter)
The H2 is no longer in production.

I found mine used (in “like new” shape still in the box) on with a samsonite case and memory stick for $249… and worth every penny!

Some additional photos I have taken with this camera. (I love it!)





Notice the dragonfly?:mrgreen:

Ths sounds to me you do not know of any court cases?

Not nice now you have me drooling all over my chin.
Glad for you I expect I will need the next 6 months to learn to use what I have now.
Beautiful Thanks …Cookie

If you all find some particular make and model you think is good, I’ll buy a whole bunch and offer them to members at the bulk rate.

As per usual NACHI again comes to the front .Thanks Nick

I can’t take credit for finding this camera as it was another inspector friend of mine that turned me onto it.

The flash reaches out 30’ and doesn’t need additional light to focus. It is great for crawls and attics eventhough I hate to take it in there with me. I’m always EXTREMELY careful with it.

If you end up doing this let me know. I have a few connections at and cdw from my consulting work with schools and might be able to get your a better rate.

Dominic/Nick ,you got me put me on the list.
Any one else interested

You are absolutely right to busy to search court records but I do know inspectors personally that wimped out and settled out of court one in particular bought 3 homes new shingles before he decided to quit. Slow learner. On the other side I know an inspector that never walks a roof and has not in 10 years and has never been called on the carpet to pay. I don’t have that that sort of luck. Would not be able to sleep at night for wondering did I miss the hail dings.

I don’t know what kind if any hail storms your area experiences if any. Down here that is the # 1 item on my mind concerning roofs. And I say it again in the State of Ok if you don’t walk the roof you will sooner or later visit the court house its not a matter of IF its a matter of WHEN.

How long you been inspecting 5 years;) :smiley: Sorry I did not mean to say that it just slipped out and my back button quit working:D