Hi folks:
I would like to know which kind of binoculars do you use?


I don’t know what kind mine are but I see a lot of naked neighbors. :p:p

Brand doesn’t matter so much, just make sure they are at least 10 x 50 power. Higher power the better.

Note: you will drop them from time to time, so don’t spend too much :wink:

Linas, your suppose to be looking at the roof, not through the neighbors windows. :mrgreen::wink:

He observed the roof from the window…

What he didn’t mention was the roof deck!!!

Ah, the magnified birds eye view of the backyard deck of the neighbors.
Just when they thought their backyard was private, Linas was there with his binoculars. :mrgreen::wink:

I keep a pair of Bushnell 7 X 35 in my toolbag, for whenever I need em.
420 ft. at 1000 yds
140M at 1000M
field 8 degrees

If I had the money, I would get these.
Then I would not have to worry about shaking too much.

Minimize Shaking, Maximize Viewing.

Shaking occurs naturally when you hold binoculars for an extended period of time. Wind, muscle fatigue and even excitement can contribute to “binocular shake”. The more powerful the binoculars, the more pronounced the shake appears. It’s tiring on your eyes, it’s distracting, and it makes getting a good, sharp focus simply impossible. To solve this common problem, many Canon binoculars are equipped with Image Stabilizer (IS) technologies. Originally developed for Canon’s high performance video camcorder family, these IS

technologies have been brilliantly adapted specifically for Canon’s binocular line.
Focus and Follow.

It isn’t always convenient to use a tripod - especially if you or your subject is moving. With Canon’s IS binocular models, there’s no need for additional equipment. Canon offers the high-efficiency Tilt-System Image Stabilization system on the 8 X 25 IS Binoculars. So what you see through the lenses is absolutely steady - even when you’re not.
The Genius is in the Details

Each Canon binocular has been engineered to deliver performance that will impress. The state-of-the-art optical technology from Canon’s world-renowned EF Lens series has been carefully adapted especially for use in several Canon binocular models, offering unparalleled resolution. Also, Super Spectra Coating increases image contrast and reduces lens flare and ghosting in most Canon binoculars, including the 8 X 25 model. In addition, Canon uses aspherical elements in several of its designs to assure sharper focus while dramatically cutting distortion. Technologies like these enable Canon binoculars to perform at an extraordinarily high standard.
Canon 8 X 25 IS Binoculars

Ultra compact and lightweight, this model features Canon’s high-efficiency Tilt-System Image Stabilization that combines stability with sleek styling. They’re the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable image stabilized binoculars (as of January 1, 2005).
An extremely compact ergonomic design makes the 8 X 25 IS comfortable to carry and even easier to use. Canon’s all-glass optics with Super Spectra Multi Coating assure outstanding sharpness, clarity, and contrast. And these binoculars are not only user-friendly, they’re also environmentally friendly - only lead-free glass is used in the optical system.
Check out the entire Canon image stabilized binocular selection:
10x30 Canon Stabilized Binoculars
12x36 Canon Image Stabilizer Binoculars
15x50 Canon Stabilizer Binoculars 10x42 Canon Image Stabilized Binocular 18x50 Canon Image Stabilizer Binocular

I have a set from Bushnell that has a built in camera. It has come in handy a few times when I had a two story, steep roof to view with some problems. I think I paid $40 for them years ago. These are small and light but plenty powerful enough for my purposes, takes a good photo. I just have to remember to remove the two AAA batteries after I use it to keep it from running them down. For some reason it drains batteries like a ghost when not in use. I have another cheap set from the sporting section of Wally World work fine as well. If I break them Im not out of a lot of money.

The shaking is from drinking too much or it’s an indication that you need a drink. Cheers!!:p:p

Well, with my wife around all the time, I would have to say the later Linas. :mrgreen::wink:

I also carry a SPOTTING SCOPE 12 X 36 power, with tripod.

I have a 25 power spotting scope on Tripod 30 years, 11 on home Inspection .
Works for me … Roy

Thanks Guys.


A good camera with telphoto lens also works well. I use a Canon A560. This model is not being made anymore.
You could buy a wide angle and telephoto for it.
A tripod helps.