Biz n California Questions

Does anyone no what licenses, insurances, or bonds needed?
I have my permit for the county where I have my business, do I need to have one for state of California?
I have posted my fictitious name I am ready to open my doors what else do I need?
I am working on getting a logo and working on finishing my web site.
Need to know what pricing too.
Jim Bowline

Education, training


Also drop your Yahoo address. Yahoo is terrible.

Your website isn’t live yet, perhaps you know that.

Hi James!

There are currently no licensing requirements here in CA. Sounds like you have obtained a business license in your locale, a State one is not required at this time for HI.

While no licensing requirements are currently present, the rules listed at are what California Home Inspectors should be familiar with and follow.

Pricing varies by your area, you may have to look around or call and ask. If you have other ?'s, post them away…

Edit - Insurance is not required, but remember that most of your customers are assuming that they are dealing with a professional, and they are not leaving themselves subject to liability by your actions during an inspection. I can’t advise others what to do, but I can’t imagine HI’s going into a home without at least General Liability, but I guess it’s common enough. It’s been said here, be a professional and provide a professional service.

Not to be mean, but it would benefit you to write in complete sentences rather than in twitter speak.

You want clients and agents to take you seriously as a business person.