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Hello to all, I am just starting my training so that I might enter this trade and I have a few questions.

Is there any requirements from the State of California to become a Home Inspector?

How would you start this profession knowing what you know now?

If marketed and managed correctly, how profitable can this business be?

I will probably have more questions later but this will suffice for now.

Thank You

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Chuck, The best advice I can give is to use the search feature here to answer each of your questions. This board is a wealth of information if one wishes to spend a little time digging it up.

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Chuck check the market in your area you may find your self sharing the possible 40 homes that sell in your area with 15 inspectors with in 40 miles.

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Email Russel,

He'll give you a wealth of information concerning California Inspections


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There are no requirements to be an HI in California. They only state that you can’t do repairs on a home you inspected.

This business is like any other business: the sky is the limit! It depends on what you want. There are very large HI companies with lots of employees. There are also lots of one person operations.

Good luck!

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I can not think of another thing I would rather do.

I have owned a franchise and no operate as a independend. I have a med sized company (8 people) we average about 75-100 inspections a month.

This is fine - I believe it is up to you how big you want to get and how much work and money you put back into it.

If I could start now with what I know

1. Keep it simple and profesional - There is nothing that will beat word of mouth, word of mouth, word of mouth - Did I say word of mouth? advertising.

2. It will take some start up capital - I moved my company from IL to FL and in under 4 years have it larger then my Il company.

3. You need the "Image" You will compete with the "Shock and Awe" of the franchise's. Don't worry just set up a plan and follow your marketing plan. In two years you will be just doing some marketing and networking and the "Word of Mouth" referals will take over.

4. It is hard work. Harder then you think.

5. Money you will make is up to you. If you do it right and do a great job you will feed your family and yourself. Russel is your best source on the area - Plus he likes to type. You can clear over 100k once you get your company up and running. and you bust your a$%! Add more inspectors and do more inspections - More money.
This is by no means a get rich quick plan. It takes time and every dollar you can spare will go back into the company for the first few years

5. Re-search your area - Make sure you are not in a saturated area.

That is all
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