Asbestos in Attic Insulation?

Hello Folks,

Thanks for having me in your Forum. It has been a great help so far researching all kinds of topics.
Now that I’m in the middle of rewiring my Attic (House was build approx. 1968 ) I’ve come across an “Insulation Sandwhich”. Could anyone of you tell me if I have eventually come across ASBESTOS?

  1. Layer at the bottom: light gray, kindof forms a mat, but chunks can be pulled out very easily (comes apart easier that glass wool). It burns black and leaves marks like paper or wood ashes - Could be cellulite type material
  2. 2nd layer: looks like camel wool, probably rock wool but not sure
    3)Top layer: bright white - probably fiberglass insulation

Was loose asbestos insulation ever used in the US?( but never heard of anything like that over here.

I agree with Andrew. It may not look like it, but it’s better to be safe and have a sample tested in a lab to find out.

Yup, if in doubt test them.

They don’t look like asbestos to me but thats worth about 2 cents.