Blagojevich is going to walk

If this guy has a brain under that pompadour, he will stonewall. Go to trial and subpoena Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama and the rest of the Chicago Dem mafia.

Me thinks that a deal will be forthcoming.

One fox gets caught in the hen house and the rest are going to seriously testify against him…(laugh)…especially if it meant tarnishing Messiah Obama’s image…that will never happen.

Hell, the Supreme Court refuses to uphold the constitution, how much more should we expect of any of our politicians…they are all of the same cloth.

Assumes facts not in evidence. :wink:

I’m not an Obama fan, but it seems they’ve been quick to get this associated with him. I guess it’s his fault - after all, if he hadn’t won the election, it wouldn’t have happened…!

I’m not an Obama fan either. He’s going to be the next president and I hope that he is able to resolve the multiple problems that we currently face.

At the same time, he is a product of the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine. He would not be President-Elect otherwise [and shouldn’t be, now].

It defies logic that he had no discussions, Rahm Emmanuel had no discussions with Blagojevich. I’m not holding my breath for any media interest in such a connection, however. Not that I care. One of the collateral benefits of the Obama victory is that I don’t have to read the newspapers for another four years.

Hey Joe
I just met the owner of American Invesco.

That’s not it at all. It might have something to do with the clown gov speaking on multiple ocassions with Obamas chief of staff about “Lets Make A Deal”…

Chicago was single handedly responsible for the 17th amendment. It will be that very same amendment that protects the people from an inappropriate senate appointment…

What a way to start a Presidency! Where there’s smoke . . . . .

He’s a politician, not God. He’s no better and certainly no worse than the other crooks who run our various levels of government.

We’ll have more taxes and bigger goverment over the next eight years, besides that… Same crap, different day…


Not to dispute you, but I am a life long political observer in Chicago. I grew up in a neighborhood where just about everyone worked for the city and was connected.

You have to understand a few things:

  1. In Chicago, corruption is a culture. You grow up with it and assume that it just the way the world is. Go along to get along.
  2. The Original Daley Machine (Richard the first) started out as the leader of an Irish street gang, in his teenage years and all the other old pols were his friends. Growing up, he struck deals with the young mafia guys and the union toughs, and as they grew up and took higher positions, so did he. So, the mafia, the unions and the city goverment were all entwined.
  3. The current Daley machine is still powerful, but has incorportated the Black Progressives (like Jesse Jackson Sr.). Jesse Jackson Jr, the congressman who is Senate Candidate 5, is connected to the Machine, even though the public perception that he tries to give (for the sake of his constituants) is that the Black Dems are separate and hate the Machine. Not so.
  4. Blogo is married to Dick Mel’s daughter. Dick Mel is one of Daley (the first) old friends and supporters. Blogo (or as we call him, Blow J) went through the state congress, federal congress and then the Governorship because he was handsome, gave a good speech, and promsed “reform”, but he was the puppet of the Machine. Then, when he won the governorship, he turned on them all, thinking that he was now the big guy.
  5. The Machine (including the Obama people. Obama is very much tied to the Machine. Obama’s campaign manager is also Daley’s campiagn manager) is throwing Blogo under the bus.
  6. Fitzgerald is fearless, honest and has them all scared. He has NEVER moved on investigation before he had ALL his ducks in a row. He put the hammer down on Blogo, hard, and did so in a way as to scare the crap out of him. Resco is now talking and, I would bet good money, so will Blogo. Fitz wants much bigger fish.
  7. I do not think that they will get anything that, directly, points to Obama. He is too slick and, in his own way, clean. Besides, Fitz wants to be kept on as U.S. Attorney. And, I beleve, Obama wants to cut the Machine down as well. They put him in the Presidency, so now he can cut them off.

Hope this helps;

True that! Great post Will.

In my humble opinion, i feel it was unavoidable for Obama to be linked in some way to some corrupt individuals or the machine.

But, i also think he wants to see the machine go down in flames, maybe is as embarrassed as some of us are, and i do also believe he is a pretty straight forward guy who personally needs to " do it right"

On CNN they referred to a taped quote from Bloggo: " Obamas people aren’t willing to give us anything but their gratitude- f@@K them… " ( or something to that effect)

funny stuff

Joe T;

Maybe you misinderstand.

Obama want’s to smash Daley’s Machine (and Jesse Jackson Sr.'s) and set up his own, a 21st Century Machine.

But, he will run into the same problems. Machines only occur on a local level, not a national one.

I hope and pray that Obama does the right things. So far, he is pretty much keeping Bush’s forign policy and Iraq policy (probably no other choice) and he is setting up his cabinet to reflect Clinton, term 3.

But he is also really pissing off his base (the far left, crowd of wing nuts). He is, most probably, getting a good slap to the face of reality.

Not to mention that Pelosi and Reid believe that they run things. He will really have some problems with them.

Plus, he is using Rosevelt (Franklin) as his template for economic reform. FDR took a minor recession and blew it up to a 10 year depression by believing that Government could run and control the economy. It seems, as of today (but who knows) that Obama is trying to do the same thing.

And, remember, under FDR, personal liberty and freedon sunk to its lowest level, with the exception of Wilson during WWI.

If anyone wants to learn about our politics ,read a book by dead but not forgotten Mike Royko the great and used to be very well read writer for both major local papers titled BOSS.
I t has much detail of what Will eluded to.

Probably the world’s leading expert of Chicago politics is John Kass, Mike Royko’s successor. He is a writer for the Chicago Tribune. check him out.

He was really pissed when the national press ignored his take and explainations of Obama, during the campaign. But, he turned out to be right.

This just in:

One down, and one (or more) to go.

I predict that Rohm Emmanual, Obama’s Chief of Staff, will also resign, most probably before the inaguration.

Any takers?

I would not put him in the same league, because his writing style is no where near as entertaining.

He has a few good pieces here and there , but Royko did it everyday on a consistent basis.
There can only be one.

I miss his columns even today.

One whom is still alive and had a chance to be great in chicago, was Roger Simon.I think he relocated to Cincinnati of all places

“Plausible Deniability”

Somebody’s got to fall on the sword!

Will, i trust what your saying. You know your stuff.

I should have given this disclaimer before my last post:
I know very little about politics because i cant get past feeling the need to vomit. Plus, i tend to have a overall hopeless feeling about government. :slight_smile:

Joe those are Will’s opinions,not facts.

We have machines all over the place in the name of Nepotism on a national level.

The examples are numourous.There is no evidence that O’bama is interested in a Chicago style machine.

Yeah, i know opinions from facts,
just trying to say " i can see your point " And since Will has been observing our local politics, for much longer than me, i have to acquiesce to his greater knowledge in that area. Its not going to change my gut feelings.

But Dont take me for stupid- I know about how government works- don’t forget, I am a full blooded Italian and the blood of Caesars , Michealangelo, and Garibaldi runs through my veins.

Remember the lessons of the Roman empire, remember the Byzantine empire. Look at the Mob, Syndicate, Mafia, Camorra, you name it…look at how easily they integrate into government. DISGUSTING.

Like i said : politics makes me sick.
“If you look into the eyes of the beast for too long you become the beast”
Ive always tried to avert my eyes. The UNETHICAL does not appeal to me. I cant stand people who lie, cheat and steal their way to the top. I want to believe in good people.

Forgive me if i cling to what little hope i have left that some one has the greater good in mind. Is it entirely impossible ?

Maybe so.