Illinois Politics

After yesterdays events surrounding our Govenor, is anyone in Illinois surprised?

My favorite quote of the day, “If Illinois isn’t the most corrupt state in the nation, it’s certainly a competitor.” :shock:

Again, anyone surprised?

Warms my heart to know that the guy taking the chair in D.C. on 1/20 is from your fine state.:sarcasm:

Seriously, why do the good people of IL put up with these shenanigans from their pols?

That is the $64,000 question.
(to be donated to the campaign fund of…) 8)

Blago was elected…wait for it…TWICE! :shock:

I just read some heavily bleeped comments by Mrs. Blago - their kids must be so proud.

I remember early summer in the Trib, she was having some unethical issues of her own. Real Estate transactions.
Blago…what an idiot. He knew he was under investigation, yet he still continued to make those phone calls. It’s gotta say something when the legal firm who represented the former gov and is owned by another former gov won’t accept you pro bono (as what they did for George Ryan).


That’s Illinois politics for ya!:shock::roll:

Actually, Thompson probably won’t take Blago based on partisanship IMO.

It is funny to think how arrogant Blago is making those comments. He actually, in one instance, told the other party to talk like the whole world was listening. LOL - they were! :mrgreen:

I really want to know who Candidate #5 is. I keep thinking of Jesse Jackson Jr. Turns out the governor is just another shake down artist and a poor one at that. This man is stupid to the bone. There ain’t no way to fix that, it is congenital ignorance.

Furthermore, how can one be assured that the voters of IL are really getting who they vote for, the system is so corrupted and has been for decades. There is no telling how many elections have literally been stolen.

Mike it is second nature to know you pay off ,if you want a favour.
Somehow things get taken care of faster with a Dictator.

The old system worked pretty well at it’s height, but this is a new era and many will not let go of the past.

Nice try at a crack on Obama, but the Prosecutor went out of his way to state that the President elect had nothing to do with this.

The Governor is even heard on tape as saying in an angry voice that all he is being offered is appreciation.

No, he said there was nothing in “the complaint” that stated Obama’s involvement or lack thereof.

I hope he wasn’t as it’s not best for the country for our new president to begin his first term with a scandal.

You would love it and you know it.

FWIW, It’s fairly well known (here) that Obama and the Guv ran in different political circles within the party.

Actually, the Guv really wasn’t very fond of Obama.

I can understand how there may be guilt by association, being from the same state and all, but IMO this will simply be a ditraction for Obama - lots of questions asked, but no wrongdoing.

Should be interesting to see the “fair and balanced” FOX News people have at this, though. :wink:

Olberman, also.

News reporter on local FOX 32 was saying that #5 was JJJ.

My personal disgust for Obama’s campaign promises is outweighed by my desire to see this country be the best it can be and if that means good things happen because of an Obama presidency, I’m all for it.

To be honest I am not hopeful many good things will happen but I am willing to be surprised.

There are no prizes for second place. Traditionally, Louisiana had the most corrupt state government. Some great books have been written about Huey Long and Edwin Edwards. The movie BLAZE starring Paul Newman was centered around Louisiana politics.

With all due respect, Mark. Revisit this again when Chicago is on it’s 3rd generation of Daley’s running the city and yet another Govenor is behind bars. :shock:

Then you’ll see.

Illinois #1 !!! :mrgreen::roll:

“It is impossible for someone on my behalf to have a conversation that would suggest any type of quid pro quo or any payments or offers,” Jackson Jr. told ABC News. “An impossiblity to an absolute certainty.”

Methinks he’ll regret using absolutes.:roll:

He’s starting to sound a lot like his dad.:shock:

Did a transition inspection on an older apartment conversion condo building (for the association, inspecting the common areas before the builder hands them over to the association. Builders hate them and they are good money :mrgreen:)

In any case, multiple problems. Clothes washer and dryer closets in bedrooms, New, but bad, 3 story porches. Corner porches enclosed and used as living area, etc. I kept asking myself, “How could the city inspectors have missed this stuff?”.

Well, I found out.

Turns out that the builder company was 40 % owned by, and the RE broker was Good 'ol Blaggo’s wife!

Go figure.

LOL, surprised they didn’t offer you an “envelope” when you walked in.:shock:

What was wrong with the way they built the porches.?
Were the ledger boards secured properly,etc;?

The statement concerning Obama is interesting coming from a man from the state who owns claim to Ed Gean and Jeffrey Dahmer. Sorry couldn’t resist. I think Illinois ought to go to prisons first to pick their Governors. Would save allot of time, money and energy.

I too hope this country begins to take shape again as a world leader!

Get ready for Illinois first Woman Govenor.
Say hello to Lisa.