Block foundation multiple stairwell cracks. Should I be concerned?

Some are a hairline thick but they keep appearing. I’m worried it might be an bigger issue than I realized.

That picture is a non issue.

Typically not a concern, unless you see them growing in size at one end.


Also this one

Another wrapping around corner.

I agree with Daniel, not an issue.

Also, it’s step cracking and not stairwell cracking? :wink:


Lol noted my bad on the name. This is the other it sticks out a little looks like it was repointed. I’m not sure. Is block sticking out a sign I should concern. That’s it. I’m going crazy here.

Basement or crawlspace and how old is it?


Relax, it doesn’t appear, from the picture, that that is an issue. It looks like a crappy block job, IMHO.


No basment. Block house built 1949

If all you have is hairline cracks after 74 years, you have an exceptional foundation. Around here in southern Missouri a block crawlspace foundation that old would likely have at least a few 1/4 inch settlement cracks.


It ain’t perfect but just hairline cracks and none to thick. But it’s a old looking house. No issues for two years.

Curious would you just paint over hairline cracks or caulk it? I could cut into it and inject Mortar type S but it’s so thin so I don’t see a reason to.

Paint over them the next time you paint the house, otherwise just keep up with gutter and exterior drainage maintenance.


Will do thank you

Looking good. However, I would look up. Chimney needs some attention and the trees cut back :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll climb up I believe it needs new sealant as well. The tree is gone be a hard sell lol.

Question guys since I dug up my foundation I noticed no deeper cracks from block. I’m trying to wrap my head around why blocks keep cracking just to be sure. Does grading look decent?

We don’t, typically, report on causation but facts are our mode of reporting.

And, as Randy posted:

One cannot adequately address your question from a small picture like that.

We, often, like to see a 6" drop, away from the foundation, in 10’ horizontally.


What?!? Please expand upon this.

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I dug deep to see if the crack that went vertical down was going down the entire foundation. It is not.

So I’m assuming I keep seeing vertical and stairs step cracks is because of the soil grade

Jmo, but you’re freaking on a non issue. But have fun doing it. :wink:


Block construction cracks. I see cracks develop within the first year of construction all the time. Stair steps are common, but so are cracks that go straight up right through the middle of the blocks. My comment is usually the same…
Concrete blocks commonly crack from expansion/ contraction, and do not typically indicate serious settling issues. Recommend sealing with exterior grade caulking and paint to prevent moisture intrusion.

Here is one from today on a 4 year old home, and was through both sides… As I mentioned earlier, settlement cracks look different, the ones in your pics wouldn’t even get a second glance

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